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Clermont Twins’ Plastic Surgery: Comparing Before And After Photos



Clermont Twins' Plastic Surgery Comparing Before And After Photos

Photos of Clermont Twins after and before plastic surgery has got worldwide acceptance. People are searching on the internet to know how much they have changed from their old looks and know more about their surgery. 

There are also rumors spreading regarding their plastic surgery recently. They got famous through their debut appearance in the show The Bad Gals club. 

Plastic surgery made a lot of visible changes in their whole body. Their lips, chin, cheek, and Buttocks are now people compared with their old photographs.

About Clermont Twins

Clermont Twins named Shannon and Shannade (28) are famous in Hollywood for their own contributions to the Fashion industry. They were born on March 21, 1994, in the United States. 

Clermont Twins' Plastic Surgery Comparing Before And After Photos

And they are also famed as content creators, influencers, fashion designers, and television personalities, The Clermont sisters relocated from Georgia to New York. They were living with their aunt, and she influenced both of them to enter the fashion industry. The identical twins entered the fashion industry at the early age of 14.

Clermont Twins’ Family Background

Clermont twins’ parents are immigrants. Their Mother is from Jamaica and their father is from Haiti. Clermont Twins have three siblings, two brothers, and one sister. 

Clermont Twins Plastic surgery

Clermont sisters were performing in The Bad Girls Club season 14. And eventually, they disappeared from public exposure. And it takes months to reappear to the public with a complete change in their body.  

Their fans and followers were astonished after seeing the models with a lot of changes in their bodies such as nose, lips, cheeks, and whole skin. 

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How They Look Before And After Plastic Surgery

Not only the body they also get public exposure in order to their plastic surgery. People are surfing the internet to know more details about their surgery and the afterlife. The Clermont sisters became famous and got 1.4 million followers. 

Before the surgery, they were not enough confident to present half naked on the program. They don’t have enough followers on their social media. Plastic surgery brings a lot of changes in their life and body. 

Before And After Looks Of Clermont Twins

They changed a lot. They look very different from their old photographs. People are responded differently to their new arrival in the fashion world. 

One of their followers commented that the Clermont sisters are completely against looking natural. And that’s why they artificially change their body features. 

One of the followers commented that their movement towards a complete change in their bodies was with the intention of getting more public attention and earning more money through exposing their bodies to the public. 

It is very common that fashion personalities and celebrities to become famous after plastic surgery. 

A video of the Clermont sisters after the surgery was viral. It shocked their fans and followers with the super visible changes in lips and face. 

Some people showed their concerns about the Clermont twins. They worry about the people who are constantly morphing and changing their bodies. They feared the diverse effect of the surgery going to affect their favorite models. 


Clermont twins did Rhinoplasty in their noses to make them smaller. Blepharoplasty changed the shape of their eyes. And they used fillers to make a drastic change on their lips. Now it looks plumpy and full. 

Not only their face but their whole body also changed a lot they did breast implants to increase the size of their breasts. And a BBL, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is also done to make visible changes on the Buttocks and enhance the body. 

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