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Guo Wengui Wife: All You Need To Know About Yue Qingzhi



Guo Wengui Wife All You Need To Know About Yue Qingzhi

The Internet has been on a rollercoaster ever since the Chinese exiled businessman Guo Wengui was arrested due to fraud Himalaya Exchange cryptocurrency project. Multiple media outlets have been unearthing all the details linking to Wengui.

Despite several controversies and criminal allegations, the media outlets as well as the public were thrilled to know that Guo Wengui is a family man. Many have compared his fraudulent personality in business with his marriage. It seems that he has been married for a long time.

Who Is Guo Wengui Wife? Yue Qingzhi

Yue Qingzhi is the wife of Guo Wengui. Qingzhi has never been spotted in public with Guo or alone. Guo ensures that she lives in America with him. The couple has been blessed with two children, Guo Qiang, and Guo Mei. Similar to the wife, the children have never been spotted by the public or the media. Reports suggest that he kept his family life very private.

Guo Wengui Wife-Yue Qingzhi

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Guo has only mentioned his family during interviews. He expressed that his reasons for keeping the details of the family undisclosed were that he feared that ‌the Chinese government might target the family to get back at him.

Once he made headlines in America claiming that his son was kidnapped by the Chinese media. At another time the media outlets were frenzy when a youtube recording indicates that one of his children was alleged to be forging documents for Visa. Although, it is unknown how legitimate the facts are in Guo Wengui’s family.

His personal life is strictly private, which makes it difficult to unfold the truths about the family.

How Did Guo Wengui Gain Public Attention?

Guo Wengui gained public attention when he was charged with multiple counts of wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering cases. The businessmen always maintained a low profile due to their unregistered transactions. Despite having multiple lawsuits and filing for bankruptcy; Guo Wengui tried to pull another scam that led to his arrest.

Guo Wengui - Yue Qingzhi

He was charged with multiple civil lawsuits and charged with scamming banks in China. Moreover, his relationship with high-profile national leaders was disclosed after a thorough investigation. He is infamous for his connections with the former United States president, Donald Trump as well as Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon is currently under investigation for helping Guo ‌establish GTV as well as to find out any other illicit connections that involve any fraud or scams.

Guo’s political connections became influential for him. He was successful in gaining ‌the trust of and convincing them to indulge in his fraudulent activities.

He was first exiled from China when his company Beijing Zenith Holdings failed to pay PKU Healthcare after acquiring a minor share from PKU. Then, Chinese officials were convinced that the company was under Li Lin AND Jiang Yuehua. But they only found out that these were just proxies when one of the media reported.

Some reports suggest that he left China after one of his political connections was exposed. This has caused confusion among the authorities. However, he immediately settled in the United States and drew into real estate development.

In addition, Guo owns a media company under the name Guo Media and it features a website named G News. The media company was widely accused of spreading false information. 

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In the wake of Covid-19, the media company accused China of the outbreak claiming that the virus was the masterplan of the biological weapon implemented by the Chinese government. They revealed that the Chinese government was going to reveal that the outbreak of the virus was an act of accident. Moreover, they also pushed false theories during the presidential election campaign. Guo News distributed false information regarding ‌current president Joe Biden.

All this information was proved false by the Fact Checker PolitiFact.

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