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Leni Klum Heats Up Instagram Controversy With Nearly Topless Snap



Leni Klum Heats Up Instagram Controversy With Nearly Topless

The 18-year-old daughter of Heidi Klum, Leni Klum, uploaded a topless selfie to Instagram on Wednesday.

The aspiring model posed in pants and a tan bra that covered her breasts and hung down her arms.

Leni Klum thanked makeup artist Ashley Kholm on Instagram for creating the look for her photo shoot by tagging her in the post.

When the proud “nepo-baby” turned 18, she did not hesitate to show off her assets and began imitating her mother, who is well-known for sharing topless and intimate images.

Leni Klum wore low-slung, light-wash pants with a broad belt around them, peachy eye makeup, a mauve lip, and brown hair in beachy waves.

Uncertain of the purpose of the sexy shot, Holm posted it to her Instagram page with the caption, “Lots of laughter and makeup memories were made.

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On her Instagram Stories, Ash also posted the image of a virtually topless Leni Klum. She commented, “Fell in love with @leniklum,” over the picture. The last. Yesterday, she posted the image to Instagram as well, with the message “Lots of giggles and makeup memories were made @leniklum #AshKHolmMakeup” and two cherry emojis.

Leni Klum

I LOVE YOU, Leni exclaimed in the comments. I love you so much and I miss you already, QUEEN,” Ash wrote back, adding a red heart emoji. The message was also flooded with heart-eye and fire emojis from a lot of followers and notable pals. Leni Klum has “such a gorgeous face,” said one admirer, while another gushed, “She is so beautiful.”

Leni has recently thrown off her garments more than once. This month, she appeared on the cover of the latest issue of Flaunt magazine without wearing pants. Instead, she opted for a little black top and fishnet stockings, which gave her fans a clear view of her sun-kissed buns.

Leni Klum claimed that her mother, the well-known model Heidi Klum, forced her to wait until she was older before she began modeling. Leni acknowledged, “If I’d begun younger, it would have been so different. “I would have regretted sharing some of my own images online. It would have been awkward for me to say, “This.”

Leni Klum is currently enrolled in college in New York to study interior design, even though she still models on the side. Instead of designing for a person, Leni described it as “creating garments for a home”.

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