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Who Is Emilia Schüle? Actress Starring As Marie Antoinette In The New PBS Drama Series



Who Is Emilia Schüle Actress Starring As Marie Antoinette In The New PBS Drama Series

Emilia Schüle is a prominent actress who has appeared in several German movies. The actress was born in Russia to a German family on November 28, 1992. She relocated to Berlin when she was ‌only one year old along with her parents.

During her schooling, Emilia Schüle chose dancing classes. Before appearing on television she worked in advertising for several commercials lining for IKEA, Arcor, and others during her teenage years.

Who Is Emilia Schüle? A Look At Her Career History

Emilia Schüle debuted as an actress in the short film Nichts weiter als, and featured in her first film, Guten Morgen, Herr Grothe.

Who Is Emilia Schüle

Emilia Schüle got her breakout role after three years starting her career in 2008. She has been featured in two or more movies up to this year since the beginning of her career.

Emilia Schüle had a notable career in several movies before appearing in the leading role in the 2022 release of Marie Antoinette. Only one season has been aired so far, while the second ‌season is on its way to the screen.

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Her role as Maria Antoinette has gained popularity and critical comments. Many have been considering it one of the finest performances she has displayed so far in her career.

In an interview, Emilia Schüle recalled preparing for the character as exhausting and high-pressure. She stated that she accomplished performing the role by letting go of all her thoughts and having fun in the role. If it is true then she has accomplished doing that.

What Is Her Role In Marie Antoinette?

Marie Antoinette is a historical drama series produced by the BBC and Canal+. The series revolves around the story of the last queen before the French Revolution. She became the wife of the Dauphine of France also called the same title, upon marrying Louis at the age of 14 years old.

The lead role in the series is portrayed by Emilia Schüle as Marie Antoinette alongside James Purefoy as Louis XV and Louis Cunningham as Louis XVI ‌among others.

Deep Into The Character

The show is set around ‌the 1700s. It begins with Marie when she was forced out ‌of her home to leave Vienna to marry the Dauphin of France.

Her sole responsibility after the marriage was to give birth, at least that was what she thought at the time. Louis was not ready to consummate just after the months. As the day went by tension grew in Marie leaving her to talk out with Madame du Barry for support whom she learned that she had a disturbing past and cut off the ties.

Who Is Emilia Schüle Actress Starring As Marie Antoinette

Things got burned between them as the heir got wed and the royal family looked for a possible life for the province. However, things went into a thunderstorm when they learned about the king falling sick, while Madam du Barry knew how to survive the situation. 

She later got pregnant. But although the legitimacy of the child was questioned due to pornographic content which already lowered her reputation in society. The first season of the series concludes with Louis heading as the king to support them. Meanwhile, Marie spends some quality time and falls in love with Petit Trianon.

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After the success of the first season, PBS announced that they bought the franchise for its second season. The second season was proposed for release on spring break. But the production has been released on 19 March 2023.

The anticipated second series might resolve some unresolved issues between the couple and as well as Marie’s newfound boyfriend.

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