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6ix9ine Net Worth: Personal Life, Career, And More About The Violent Style Rapper Tekashi



6ix9ine Net Worth Personal Life, Career, And More About The Violent Style Rapper

6ix9ine has roots in the United States, although he currently makes his home in the United Kingdom.

His real name is Daniel Hernandez, although he goes by the stage moniker 6ix9ine. His birthday is May 8, 1996, and his given name is Daniel Hernandez.

His music is characterized by a violent rhyming style, and his controversial public presence is characterized by characteristics such as his rainbow hair, numerous tattoos, run-ins with the law, and high-profile celebrity feuds.

The unexpected success of his song “Gummo” has made it his most well-known piece of work.

From an early age, he had a great deal of passion for the sport of soccer. Even though he was just 13 years old at the time, he had already established himself as a starter for a major league soccer team. Even when he was a young boy, he always had a powerful yearning to sing.

6ix9ine Net Worth

According to recent estimates, 6ix9ine net worth is approximately $11 million.

On its own, 6ix9ine’s record sales, streams, clothing sales, and live performances have brought in over $20 million in revenue for his management firm.

6ix9ine Net Worth

In addition to this, he also generates income from a variety of different mobile applications. It’s no secret that 6ix9ine is one of the most talked about hip-hop artists on Spotify right now.

More than 12 million individuals have been exposed to his music on a monthly basis thanks to the streaming service. His song will cause the listeners’ hearts to beat faster.

He has signed record deals with a number of well-known producers in order to raise the amount of money he brings in.

He was able to achieve financial independence as a direct result of the combined efforts of all of these variables.

6ix9ine Personal Life

Daniel Hernandez, better known by his stage moniker 6ix9ine, was born on May 9, 1996, in the neighborhood of Bushwick, New York. (USA).

His mother is from Puerto Rico and his father is from Mexico. His parents are immigrants. His childhood was filled with struggle.

In order to contribute financially, he began working at a young age and even became involved in certain drug deals in order to assist his mother.

Oscar Osiris Hernandez is the older brother of 6ix9ine, also known as 6ix9ine.

6ix9ine Personal Life

He received his elementary education at Public School 59, then continued his studies at Juan Morel Campos Secondary School for his middle school years, and completed his secondary education at Legacy High School for his senior year.

Because of unfortunate circumstances, he was kicked out of eighth grade and never went back to complete his high school education.

At the moment, he is seeing Jade, whom he only just recently met a few weeks before his incarceration in 2018; nonetheless, they have been together for some time.

When he was 18, he gave birth to a daughter named Saraiya Hernandez with his girlfriend, Sara Molina.

Following that, he had a romantic relationship with Marlayna M., and the two of them went on to have a child together, a girl named Briella Iris Hernandez.

Because of his horrible behavior, he has been arrested multiple times for a variety of different offenses.

He was taken into custody for the first time in 2015 on charges of sexually exploiting a kid, and he was taken into custody once again in 2018 on charges of choking a stranger at a Houston shopping center.

Also, he was arrested at some point in 2018 on suspicion of possessing illegal drugs and weapons as well as engaging in racketeering activity.

In 2019, he was sentenced to serve 13 months in prison; however, due to the outbreak of the Covivirus X-19.5, he was released from custody early in 2020.

6ix9ine Career

Before 6ix9ine was successful in the music industry, he held a number of low-paying jobs in a range of fields.

This is not to say that he never had a passion for music; it is indisputable. The provision of his family was the primary motivation behind his arduous labor.

It was after he had a conversation with the head of the New York record business Hikari-Ultra that he came to the conclusion that rapping was the career route he wanted to pursue.

After waiting until 2014 to release his rap songs to the general audience, he finally did so. Following one another in rapid succession were the releases of several of his singles, including “69,” “Pimpin,” “4769,” and “Who The Hell Are You.”

His ascent to prominence can be attributed, in part, to the positive reception that his powerful style of rapping received from the audience.

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It was in July of 2017 when a post that he had made on Instagram was widely shared on other social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit, and this caused his fame to surge.

Also in that same year, he published a song with the title “Gummo,” which would eventually prove to be a critical success and rocket him to popularity. Also, he released the song in the same year.

After then, his popularity among the crowd continued to rise to new heights. On February 23, 2018, his first mixtape, which he labeled “Day69,” was made available to the public.

The cassette was a huge hit and garnered a lot of positive feedback from critics. After he was captured taking part in the shooting of the rapper Casanova in May of 2018, he became entangled in the scandal and became a central figure in the investigation.

As a direct result of the ban, he was prevented from releasing any new music for a considerable amount of time after the events of this episode.

The next month, in June of 2018, he released “Fefe,” which also became a hit on the Billboard charts. Even yet, 6ix9ine has signed contracts with a number of record labels to deliver albums throughout the course of the following few years.

In point of fact, he will make his debut as Akademiks’ very first “Off the Record Podcast” explosive guest on the very first episode of the podcast.

Even though he’s been caught up in a few controversies, that hasn’t stopped him from working toward his objective in any way.

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