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Who Is 6ix9ine Wife, Is He Married? Instagram And Real Name Revealed



Who Is 6ix9ine Wife Instagram And Real Name Revealed

To be precise, 6ix9ine, who is originally known as Daniel Hernandez, has not been married. Although, he ‌fathered a child with his ex-girlfriend Sara Molina. Reports suggest that he also gave birth to another daughter with Marlayna M. Despite having two children, Daniel does not have a fruitful relationship with their mothers.

In 2018, he was sentenced to jail for multiple counts of felonies, including choking a 16-year-old in a mall. A week before he headed to prison he began dating Jade, who goes by the real name Rachel Watley, which was only released through her plea letter to the judge in Tekashi’s trial.

It is unknown whether the duo is still dating even after all these years. There have been reports that Jade was arrested over assault on Daniel on one occasion and he didn’t press the charges.

Who Is Tekashi 6ix9ine Girlfriend Jade?

Jade is originally known as Rachel Watley, who goes by “OhSoYouJade” on Instagram. Her Instagram handle currently does not have any posts linked to the rapper. This could evaluate that Jade is not romantically linked with 6ix 9ine. Jade worked in a bar in New York.

6ix9ine Wife Jade photo

It is not clear where her roots unfold. Although she is a passionate entrepreneur as she owns a huge collection of wigs, The B3auty Box with her sister Baddie G. Furthermore, she is believed to be a mother who has a child. She dedicates most of her life to her kids. The father of the child is not Tekashi 69. It is unknown who is the biological father of the child.

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When Did Tekashi 6ix9ine And Jade Met?

The couple is believed to have met after she appeared in the music video for Daniel’s single “GOOBA”. Jade was featured in the song along with her sister Baddie Gi. Jade was wearing a yellow-colored matching bra and shorts in the rainbow-themed video.

Like 69, Jade is also a tattoo lover. She has Daniel’s face tattooed on her chest and one on her shoulder, while the number “69” is on her other shoulder.

Reports suggest that they began dating during the weeks when he was convicted of the federal charges. Upon meeting him Jade expressed that this was unlike what the public and media were talking about. She added that he was the complete opposite, as he was someone she could trust, sweet and kind.

Jade About Tekashi 6ix9ine

In the same statement, she said that “Yes, we knew each other for a few weeks before his indictment but I decided to stick to his side not because I felt I needed to but that he needed someone he can trust in his corner.” She concluded her statement by revealing that they were close to each other during the first few months of his indication.

However, their relationship appeared to sour after she became physically abusive in a bar, where Jade struck Tekashi while they were arguing. Tekashi fled from the scene to save ‌himself.

According to ‌police reports, Tekashi’s face was slightly injured. When Tekashi was asked about his concerns, he suggested not ‌pressing charges against her because she was under the influence of alcohol as well as her friends.

They began dating in 2018, at a time when Tekashi’s life was going upside down. Jade used to be with him when there was nobody beside him and she supported him when he was being treated unfairly.

Unfortunately, the couple seems to have separated. Earlier this week, Tekashi was brutally beaten at a gym by a random person. Jade seems to be active on Instagram and other social media accounts. She doesn’t appear to be supporting the rapper as she used to on previous occasions.

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