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Who is Brittany Dawn Husband? What did Jordan Nelson do to Brittany’s Dog?



Brittany Dawn one of the most celebrated and highly accomplished fitness trainers is facing tremendous backlash on the internet.

Brittany Dawn one of the most celebrated and highly accomplished fitness trainers is facing tremendous backlash on the internet. Over the course of time, she has managed to amass a great number of followers, but when she recently revealed that her husband shot her dog people were frantically reacting to this repugnant deed. Let us dive into it and know more about what actually happened to Brittany Dawn and her husband. 

Who is Brittany Dawn Husband?

Brittany Dawn is an utterly amazing fitness trainer who has hordes of fans across the globe and is married to Jordan Nelson. As per sources, Brittany Dawn hails from Texas and was married before. After she got divorced from her former husband Brittany Dawn married Jordan Nelson. 

In one of her latest Instagram posts, Brittany posted about her beloved husband as her protector, her best friend, and the father of her future kids. 

What does Jordan Nelson Do?

Who is Brittany Dawn Husband

As per sources, Jordan Nelson is a former police officer and the husband of Brittany Dawn. Jordan Nelson worked for Kansas City, Missouri police department. His position was revoked due to the excessive use of force on an unarmed black man and the for his repugnant action he was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union

Who is Brittany Dawn?

Brittany Dawn

Over the course of time, Brittany Dawn has quite established her career as a fitness trainer. She is now in her vibrant age of thirties and has accumulated over 250k followers on YouTube and thus offers various fitness programs on her official website. 

But her stardom on the internet was at stake as the influencer changed her focus from a fitness religious context. She is also rebuked for suggesting some tricks to lose weight, and she often asserted that in order to lose weight, skip dinner. 

Brittany Dawn started her social media career back in 2014. She even formed the her own company and named Brittany Dawn Fitness LLC. Her aim was to provide personal fitness plans, and nutritional advice to people. 

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It was back in 2015 that complaints about her fitness company started to emerge. Later Brittany appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and addressed the controversy. Also, she posted an apology video on YouTube and offered a refund for her customers. 

What Happened to Brittany Dawn’s Dog?

It was Brittany Dawn who revealed that her beloved dog was injured during a hit-and-run case. However, in order to add fuel to the raging fire, Brittany said that her husband shot the injured dog because there was no chance for her dog to live. So because of that reason, her husband without having a second thought, just killed the dog in a way it sound like a mercy killing. 

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What Did Jordon Nelson do to Brittany’s Dog?

When we glance at the brief video that Brittany shared on her YouTube we can see how she has narrated the starling incident of her dog. Brittany Dawn spoke about the incident: “I wish I could unsee what I saw. He got hit so hard. There was no saving him. Thank the lord no one was driving around the corner. I just wanted my dog back. Jordan chased me and held me before I fell to the ground. I just collapsed. Jordan had to rush me inside while the other two men ensured no one else came. The gunshot went off, and poor Jordon had to do it for Brodie. There was no saving him”

These words are really shocking to bear and netizens reacted pretty badly to this video where her husband, an ex-cop committed such a heinous deed and made sure that no one come towards their home by assigning two strangers. 

So when this brief video went viral, netizens reacted pretty badly and they were enraged to hear this out. Many of them tweeted how terrible his actions are. One of them tweeted: “I cannot even fathom how Brittany Dawn allowed her husband to shoot their dog that was hit by a car instead of taking it to the vet? What an actual trash bag scum of the earth person. You are vile”. 

Netizens were deeply disappointed and wondered how on earth an Internet social media influencer could do such a heinous crime and have the courage to brief it up to the world. 

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