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Will John Wick Die In Chapter 4? John Wick Death Explained



Will John Wick Die In Chapter 4 John Wick Death Explained

John Wick franchise has displayed one of the bloodiest and most brutal combats mixed with martial arts and modern weapons. The action-packed franchise also includes insane driving skills as well as a revenge-seeking plot.

As well all know that it all started with the revenge for his dog, and wife and retrieving his “Boss 429”, a 1969 Mustang Mach 1.

The movie revolves around an act of revenge against John Wick’s enemies. It all started with working for the High Table until this sequel seeks revenge against the High Table, by staying alive in the underground with the Bowery King.

As the franchise releases its fourth sequel, fans are eagerly awaiting ‌‌this one since it was confirmed. On the one hand, some hardcore fans are aware of the outcome of the supposedly final part of the franchise portraying the life of John Wick, while others are clueless.

What Happens In John Wick: Chapter 4 Ending

To be precisely told, this article contains a spoiler alert for the freshly released movie. So be aware before reading it. This content will unveil how the main character John Wick dies in the movie. Well before dashing into the final words of John Wick let us take you on how John week meets his fate in the movie.

The fourth part of the franchise continues the previous sequel, where Bowery King and John agree to fight against the High Table. After recovering from the wounds in the underground, John heads to Morocco and kills the Elder, the one who is above the High Table. This rises the tension in the High Table. 

In response, Marquis Vincent de Garmont summons Winston and Charon. De Garmont then kills Cahron and fires Winston of his duties as manager for failing to assassinate John Wick in the previous movie. Marquis then advanced his plans to kill John Wick with the aid of Caine – an old friend of John and a retired ‌Hight Table assassin. Caine agrees to do it when he threatens to kill Caine’s daughter.

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Will John Wick Die In Chapter 4?

As they advance the forces, John seeks refuge at his old friend Shimazu Koji’s Osaka Continental. Both of the forces advanced toward each other resulting in a blood bath. Koji was killed by Caine. Meanwhile, Joh Wick and Akira, Koji’s daughter escape and return to New York.

In New York Weinstein and De Gramont were waiting for John to arrive. Upon arriving John is confined to his adoptive sister, Katia, and kills Killa then Katia branded him with a Ruska Roma crest as a new member of the syndicate, Ruska Roma.

The Crest enabled John to request a duel with de Gramont. They agreed to a duel and set the parameters by the Harbinger. The duel was set to take place at Sacre-Coeur at sunrise, and if he fails to reach on time John is informed that he will be executed.

John Wick Death Explained

De Gramont places a $40 million contract for killing John Wick so that he gets executed by failing to arrive on time. Challenging him to fight with multiple assassins on his way to Sacre-Coeur. De Gramont failed in the process when another assassin Mr. Nobidy and Caine helped John Wick to reach on time to save Winston.

As rules were made Caine was supposed to face off in a duel as De Gramont nominated Caine to fight in his place. The duel starts with pistols. During the first round, Caine fired shots at John and got wounded. Despite the pain, he never took any shots and instead shoots and kills De Gramont who personally asks to execute in the final round.

By killing him, Harbinger announced that he was free from the debts of the High Table. Though John successfully completed his mission, he was wounded severely from the fight and the canine’s shot. He died peacefully with the wounds.

With this, it is clear to conclude that this is the final chapter of John Wick as off now. However, there is a possible chance that a prequel for the franchise would be made later. But the chances of Keanu Reeves playing the role of John Wick are very slim.

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