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Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast: Meet The 2023 Contestants



Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast Meet The Couples

Love is Blind is a reality show by Netflix and has been successfully running for 3 seasons. The show is set in Washington’s Seattle and is about singles coming in search of love and finding a compatible match. The catch here is that these single people don’t see each other and have to form a pure emotional connection.

This is also an effort to defeat their physical attraction mindset. Seeing the kind of popularity the show has garnered, there is no surprise that new seasons would keep on coming! So, now the Netflix reality TV show is coming back with Season 4 and the cast is finalized.

Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast

Here is the entire cast of Love is Blind

Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast: Meet The Couples


Tiffany is a Client Lead Recruiter aged 37. She said that since it is hard meeting people in public, the show might help her. Tiffany is from Seattle and is looking for a man who can make her feel special.


Zack is a Criminal Defence Attorney, and aged 31. According to him, the key to his heart is a thoughtful act and is a steak. He is from Seattle.


Paul is an Environmental Scientist, and aged 29. The key to his heart is to find happiness in little actions. This Seattle-based man posted about himself asking if he can borrow someone’s Netflix password for March 24.


Micah is a Marketing Manager aged 27. She said that romanticizing and overthinking are her worst qualities. She is also from Seattle.


Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast: Meet The Couples

Marshall is a Marketing Manager aged 27 and is from Seattle. His quote was that he isn’t perfect and would accept anyone just like himself.


Kwame is a Sales Development Manager aged 33. He claims that he cannot find someone who can match his energy while his Instagram handle read that everyone wants simply to be happy.


 Josh is a Project Engineer aged 31 and is from Seattle. He said that he jokes all the time and people can either love him or hate him for that. He seems excited to be on the show!


Jackie from Seattle is a Certified Dental Assistant aged 27. She quoted that she wants to find a daddy and start their lives together. She is excited to see how love finds her.


Irina is a Businessperson aged 26. She warned her future partner to be ready for an emotional roller coaster.


Chelsea is a Pathologist aged 31 and said that long talking stages is one of her pet peeves. She is searching for her, Mr. Right.

Apart from them, Brett and Bliss are also a part of the show.

All About Love Is Blind

The show first premiered in 2020 February and had 30 guys and girls who stay at the location for a few weeks. As the contestants speed-date while staying in separate pods, they can only communicate with each other and not see the face.

Over the course of 10 days, the pairs that come together can decide to get engaged and once the proposal is complete, the couples get to meet each other. They go for a vacation at a Mexican resort where they not only meet other couples but also learn about their partner. Once the vacation is over, the couples go back to the real world and begin their life together.

The show got over 30 million views within 2 months and that’s because the storyline is so relatable. Everyone wants to be loved not because of their physical appearance but for who they are. Created by Chris Coelen, Love is Blind focuses on bringing back the old-school romance.

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