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BTS Sexuality: Is Any BTS Member Gay?



BTS sexuality

Bangtan Boys aka BTS is a highly acknowledged much famous Korean band formed back in 2010. As the band’s stardom reaches steeper, people across the globe really happened to stan the members of the band for their undeniable talents and unbearable looks.

As people’s interest in the members increased day by day, they are pretty much curious to know about their personal life and to make sure about their sexual orientations. Let us dive into the BTS gang and learn Is Any BTS Member Gay

The group of seven extremely handsome boys has swooned into the lives of every single person across the globe and their songs have special fans because of the deep messages it entails. 

Is Jimin Gay?

Jimin is of course not gay. As we all know Jimin had his share of past relationships and his relationship with the artist named Han Seung-Yeon was all over the internet and thus showing that he could not be gay as his sexual orientation is straight. 

Is Jimin Gay?

Is Jungbook Gay?

Jungbook garnered wider popularity when his solo tracks became successful hits. Because of his appearance, people often assume that his sexuality would be fluid. He has piercings and puts on heavy makeup, just like his other fellow members. 

Is Jungbook gay?

However, Jungbook is absolutely not gay and many pictures make evidence that he has been with several beautiful girls, hanging out together. Moreover, Jungbook kissing a girl from his school went immeasurably viral and thus further accentuates how deeply he is involved with women.

Is V Gay?

Kim Tae-hyung, professionally popular by the name V, is the vibrant and most handsome member of the band who was chosen as the world’s most handsome face in 2018 and 2022. 

Is V Gay?

Because of his coruscating looks, many people often speculate that he would likely be sexually fluid. But to the surprise, V is absolutely straight. The main reason for speculating such news is because of his relationship status as single.

He is regarded as the world’s most handsome face, but he hasn’t dated and is remaining single is quite difficult to accept. No girl in the world would miss a handsome boy like him, so much sort of rumor is bound to happen. In order to substantiate this rumor, V often shares funny cute little moments with J Hope. 

What is the sexuality of BTS Leader RM?

RM aka Kim Nam-Joon is the compelling band leader who is the most dynamic member of the group. The main reason for speculating about his sexuality is because of his heavy-decked-up makeup look which often identifies him as a girl. And his cozy gestures and getting well along with each of the band members describe him as gay. 

 sexuality of BTS Leader RM?

But RM wears makeup because it is their culture, and when we have a close look at many Korean celebrities we could see many of them gleaming in makeup and lipstick. So putting makeup on cannot change a person’s gender and thereby RM is not gay and he does not need a single girlfriend, as thousands of them are in the queue. 

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Is Suga Gay?

Suga is the cutest member among the seven and he is quite different from others as he does not act or look like a woman. Just because he lives with these boys, social media often portrays him as gay. 

sexuality of BTS Leader RM

As we all know every member of the BTS band lives together, and because of this single reason, they are portrayed as gay. But the actual fact is Suga is absolutely straight and not at all gay. 

What is J Hope’s sexuality?

J Hope’s inexplicable closeness with his fellow singer V aka Kim Tae-hyung often made the impression that they are dating and both of them are thereby gay. In several videos, we could see both of them hugging and exchanging delicate kisses. 

What is J Hope’s sexuality?

But J Hope is in a relationship with singer Rose and they often find time for themselves. Many selfies of the duo together were viral on social media and thus this single piece of evidence J Hope is straight. 

Is Jin Gay?

Jin is known as the flirt king and if there are rumors about him being gay, it is absolutely a groundless statement. The first to get married from the group of seven would be none other than Jin as he seems to have more interest in girls. Jin did not miss a single chance to flirt with girls and he often tries to persuade them with his pickup lines. 

Is Jin Gay

Jin also does not put on makeup, but the question about his sexuality was raised because he is single and not dating anyone. 

So when we conclude, none of the BTS members are gay and they are completely focused on their careers and they don’t have time for this daft fake news circulating over the internet. This fake news triggers their fans across the globe, but as we have confirmed none of the seven members of the BTS band is gay, all of them are absolutely straight. 

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