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All You Need To Know About Ryley CR: Age, Face Reveal, Twitter Account!



Ryley CR

The name Ryley is getting quite popular in the gaming industry, especially in Clash Royale. The gamer under the name Ryley is currently positioned in the 9 on the global leaderboard for Clash Royale.

If you are a fan of Clash Royale then you might have heard the name, Ryley. Foll all those who are aware of Clash Royale, you would definitely know then how hard it is to consistently win the 2-minute battles.

Since the gamer has paved his way into the top 10 of the leaderboard, many of the clash royalers have been wondering who could be playing behind the account. He has also created a YouTube channel under the name Ryley CR, to stream his games.

On his channel, some videos can be seen of him playing the game with the least functional and favorite cards. His unique play of the techniques he implements in the game has always been an advantage for him.

Well, the question that keeps popping up is who is Ryler CR? Well, let us tell you what we ‌know about this specific gamer.

Who Is Ryley CR? Has He Appeared In Any Of His Videos?

The skilled Clash Royale gamer has not featured his face in any of his videos. Although his voice can be heard. He has streamed around 400 videos on YouTube and has not revealed his face in any of these videos.

Although, on his official Twitter account, he shared a photo of a young handsome Asian boy. It appears to be himself. In an earlier tweet, he said that he would reveal his face if he gets into QuesoCup.

It appears that he revealed his face in response to his fans as he got into the QuesoCup. Apart from that, there are no pictures of the gamer.

What Is His Real Name And Age?

No information regarding the gamer has been revealed yet. Only recently that the gamer showed himself on Twitter. Moreover, users, who play Clash Royale do not very much care about knowing his personal details. These gamers are more interested in learning the techniques and unique ways of using the decks and cards in the game.

Clash Royale has around 100 decks of cards and only eight cards are used to battle against opponents. Among these eight cards, some decks can be used as a partner to defeat the opponents. Clash Royle allows the users to implement creative strategies in the game.

That’s where gamers like Ryley enter the scene. Ryley helps others to analyze his game such as how to use each card against the opponent’s and most importantly the timing of the cards entering the battlefield.

So these fans are more interested in analyzing the game rather than acquiring his personal information. Therefore, no personal information has been revealed up to this date. 

Regarding his age, from the voice of the player and the picture from Twitter. We believe that he is below 20 years of age and somewhere between 10 and 18.

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Exploring His Twitter

His Twitter account consists of around 16,000 followers and he is widely active on Twitter. He continuously updates his progress in the game on Twitter. He started this account only in December 2020.

In one of his tweets, he congratulated him for gifting him an iPhone. The tweet reads, “Thank you for the Valentine’s Day gift sweetheart.” He also mentioned another account at the end of the tweet under the name Mohammed Light. It is unclear what kind of relationship both have.

However, it appears that Ryler spends most of his time playing ‌Clash Royale and making money by streaming and winning different tournaments.

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