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What Is Hailee Steinfeld’s Sexuality? Is She Lesbian Or Straight?



Hailee Steinfeld Sexuality

Hailee Steinfeld has been attracting fame in the Hollywood industry. She has appeared in many movies up to this date. Her leading role in Dickinson and Hawkeye further gained the attention of fans and moviegoers. Ever since she portrayed the role of Emily Dickinson, Hailee Steinfeld has been tangled in multiple controversies regarding her sexuality. 

Multiple users have been raising the question of whether Hailee Steinfeld is lesbian in real life or not. Since we all agree not to spread bogus rumors about celebrities and any other personalities, we have decided to unfold the truth regarding the rumors. 

This article will unveil the sexuality of Hailee Steinfeld. To clear the confusion, we will explore her interest and relationship history to find the truth about her.

Why Has She Been Rumored To Be A Lesbian?

For those who have watched Dickinson, you know for what reason she has been accused as a lesbian. In the series, she was seen kissing one of the co-stars in one of the episodes. This scene has contributed a lot to this rumor.

Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Hunt

This on-screen act has the actor strangled in these controversies. As we all know that the on-screen acts are only the works of their profession and they don’t depict their true nature. While playing the role of Emily Dickinson, she was inside the character of Emily. Therefore, the sexuality of Hailee Steinfeld cannot be determined by the act of her profession.

Meanwhile, her co-star Ella Hunt whom she kissed on the scene has come out publicly revealing that she likes women and she feared that the scene hasn’t impacted her life directly as it was a part of her profession. 

However, let’s look at her past relationships and social life incidents to find out if she ever has been in a homosexual relationship. In that, we can assume that she has an interest in a same-sex partner.

Hailee’s Past Relationships.

From our research, we found out that Hailee had been in multiple heterosexual relationships throughout her career. Her past relationships include some high-profile celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and others. Although, it is no surprise considering his sexy looks.

Since Hailee has been very private about her social life, she has not confirmed any details of her relationship. Even though some relationships are confirmed, none of them are with a same-sex partner.

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Charlie Puth

Hailee Steinfeld and Charlie Puth

In 2015, Hailee was rumored to be dating ‌Charlie Puth after they were initially spotted hanging out backstage at the American Music Awards. To fuel the rumor, Charlie revealed in an interview that she has been dating a female and insisted that he would not disclose her name.

It is rumored that they had been spotted on several occasions but there were no genuine sources to claim the truth.

Cameron Smoller

Dating rumors with Charlie Puth came to an end after the Pitch Perfect star romantically linked with Cameron Smoller in 2016. Cameron and Haliee appeared on each other’s Instagram handles and other social media pages. They even their debut together at the 2017 Golden Globes after-party. This is their first public debut after a year of dating.

Hailee Steinfeld and Cameron Smoller

A few months after their public appearance the couple went into separate ways. Moreover, they were again spotted together at Billie Eilish’s concert. It is unclear whether they were giving another go at their relationship. But it is nice to acknowledge that they separated their ways after mutual understanding.

Niall Horan 

Nial Horan was the last rumored relationship with Hailee. Before their dating rumors, they were very close and called themselves best friends. Their dating rumors began with an Instagram comment where Nial commented on Hailee as the “Loveliest girl on the planet and one of my best friends”

Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan

A few weeks safer the comments the two were spotted attending events and others. In an interview, the actress revealed that she was in love but did not disclose any names. This was evident that she was dating Niall.

However, news outlets confirmed that the couple went their separate ways after an undisclosed breakup.

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Final Take

From this, we can learn that Hailee has not exhibited any bisexual personality apart from the kissing scene. Moreover, Hailee Steinfeld has not revealed her sexuality. So we cannot confidently tell you that she is not straight.

But we can hint ‌to you that she has never been in a relationship with a same-sex partner. Furthermore, she is currently single and looking for a loyal and self-dependent partner. 

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