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Is Love ‌Is Blind Scripted? It’s Time To Know The Truth!



Love ‌Is Blind Scripted

Love is Blind premiered its fourth season on ‌Netflix, and fans could not be more thrilled‌ as they were waiting for the steaming conversations and incredible relationships this year. At the same time search query has been filled with one unanswered question that puts the entire series into chaos and unreal.  

Is Love Is Blind scripted? This question has been raised many times season after season. And yes some of the contestants have earlier commented regarding the same but it was not enough to convince. As the number of viewers increases each year the same question pops up again and again.

In this, we will explore each factor that answers the concerned question. So before we slide right into the topic let us tell you how the show works.

How Love Is Blind Works?

The dating reality show first aired on February 13, 2020. The series has been running successfully ever since and Netflix has now renewed the show for its fourth season.

The show consists of 30 contestants, 15 men, and 15 women each in each season. All these contestants come from the same city to find love. Initially, they were subjected to a speed-dating format where men and women engaged in conversations in built-in separate pods so that neither of them could see the other.

Love ‌Is Blind Scripted

They are only supposed to see each other only after accepting the marriage proposal. This speed dating follows for 10 days.

During this period some couples get engaged while some choose not to. The engaged couple was then headed on a trip, where they got to spend time with each other and engage in an intimate relationship.

In the next stage, the couples are subjected to living ‌under the same roof where they meet the parents of their loved ones. At this stage, they explore their lives through different factors such as finances, and personal habits as well as they plan their wedding at the end of the four weeks.

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So far three seasons have been completed, and some couples have been still married whereas some others got divorced. But the question that pops into the minds of viewers season after season is that are these couples marrying each other scripted or not. Well, let’s find out the answer to that.

Is Love Is Blind Scripted Or Not?

As we researched deeper into the show we found out that some of the scenes in Love is Blind were manipulated by the production team. However, most of the series such as meeting the couples, ‌ and engaging in conversations are all real.

In an interview in 2020, the creator of the show, Chris Coelen revealed that his primary concern was if any of the couples would end up marrying or not. Or would any of them get engaged? 

Although, love may be real between the couples in the show but the producers have the tools to edit and cut some scenes so that it looks more dramatic to the viewers. Producers can influence contestants in order for ‌viewers to feel more entertained.

We found some clues where the scenes have been manipulated and reshot, such as in season one Jessica Batten was seen holding different glasses of wine in the same conversation. This indicates that shows are not entirely real, as some of it is fabricated for entertainment purposes

But this editing does not influence the root cause of the show, and as we are all aware that the contestants are genuine to each other and they are not faking it. As long as there is authenticity and genuineness from ‌contestants, the show could not be any more beautiful.

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