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Is Madison Bailey Lesbian? All About Her Sexuality



Is Madison Bailey Lesbian All About Her Sexuality

We all know that celebrities have become major influencers in being part of the LGBTQ or Queer community. It has become a trend for celebrities to come out as gay or any other if they believe they are.

When celebrities come out as gay, it feels as if it is okay to become what we desire despite the judgemental society. Celebrities have become somewhat inspiration for ‌youth and others who have been scared to come out of their sexual interest.

In this article, we are going to unveil one such actress who struggled for more than a decade to find her sexuality. When she finally did she came out as it and revealed that it was worth it.

When Did She Come Out As Pansexual?

In 2017, the outer bank actress, Madison Bailey revealed that she finds more sense in being a pansexual. But at the time she denied any details regarding her dating life. For Madison, what matters in a partner is what is inside of her partner.

Is Madison Bailey Lesbian

Three years later, in another Tik Tok video, she revealed that she was dating Mariah Linney a basketball player who was playing for the University of North Carolina. She claimed that her soul peace when she was asked how she felt coming out as a pansexual in an Instagram Q&A.

By unveiling herself, the actress has become more confident and vibrant. The actress has grown to become more compatible and focused-driven ever since she came out as pansexual. Although, it is believed that her journey to reveal herself was not easy.

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The Struggle Behind Understanding Her Sexuality

Bailey was raised by adoptive parents along with her six older siblings. While growing up Madison was feeling low as she didn’t feel the community she lived has anything to offer. She started struggling with her sexuality when she was attending high school. She revealed that she suffered through multiple identity crises, which were fueled due to her border personality.

She came to realize more about her sexuality after she dated someone who was not a cisgender boy. According to her, that’s when she realized that there was more to it. Madison claimed that she had been exploring her sexual interests for a decade. As she came to know more diverse sexual interests, her personality disorder drove her to explore these interests.

She also shared her response regarding her revelation as a pansexual. She said that she didn’t have to give much thought to it because she knew that she was pansexual many ages before. But the reason she did was that she felt as if the audience, fans, and her friends deserved to know what she was feeling inside.

Celebrities often find it hard to reveal their sexuality due to pressure from the public and media outlets. Many times their sexual interests are blown in social media before they even come out of themselves. Therefore, there are many incidents where fans are forced to come out of their closets. It is very unethical to circulate sexual videos and photos of celebrities around the internet.

Ever since she came out as a pansexual, she has been revealing her personal life day by day. She explained that she grew up seeing many stories of gay people who were not supported for who they were. But she insisted that was never the case for her. She confessed that coming out as a pansexual was worth the experience for her entire well-being.

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In the same Instagram live, where she discussed most of these, she encouraged her followers, fans, and others to open up and own their sexuality because it was worth it. In fact, it is glad to learn that she has never lacked ‌support from fans and friends.

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