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Drew Maggi Net Worth: Bio, Age, Career, And More



Drew Maggi Net Worth, Bio, Age, And Career And More

Professional baseball players hope for the chance to be called up to the major leagues when they are young. But it wasn’t the same case for Drew Maggi, who had been called up to the major leagues to join the Pittsburgh Pirates at the age of 33.

Drew Maggi: Selection To Major League Baseball

In 2021, Drew Maggi was close to making his big league debut, but the Minnesota Twins decided to send him back to the minors before he could even debut a game. Drew Maggi played in 1,155 games in the minor leagues for 13 seasons.

During his minor league career, he played for Pittsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, and Philadelphia Phillies.

Drew Maggi

His selection to major league baseball has stormed the internet with inspiration. Fans became emotional as he was brought to the major leagues after more than 1000 games. What only remains for Drew is to step up and take the team to the top.

However, this announcement has risen his popularity taking him into the limelight. The queries regarding his personal life, net worth, and career became a thing among fans and internet users. Queries related to his ethnicity have been questioned multiple times.

In this article, we will go through the information collected from reliable sources. We assure you that all the information regarding Drew Maggi mentioned below is genuine and true.

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Early Life

Drew Maggi, also known as Andrew Jerome Maggi, was born on May 16, 1989, in Pheonix, Arizona. He fell in love with the game when he was young. He never looked back.

Regarding the specific details of the parents, we are not exactly sure who he was born to, but sources confirm that he is a direct descendant of an Italian noble family. Thus, the Italian blood drives him to continue to play in the league.

Drew Maggi Career                           

Maggi was born and brought up in Arizona. He grew up attending ‌Brophy College Preparatory. After his graduation, he enrolled at Arizona State University, where he played baseball for the Arizona State Sun Devils.   

Drew Maggi Career

In the 15th round of the 2010 MLB Draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected Drew Maggi and signed him for $465,000. He played for the Pirates between 2010 and 2014, where he was named a three-time mid-season All-Star as well as an Eastern League mid-season All-Star in 2014.

After he departed with his debut club, he signed for Los Angeles Angels as a minor agent. He was also named season all-star in his debut season with the debut club.

However, he was then released by the club, and Los Angeles Dodgers signed him for a single season. The Dodgers relieved him to Cleveland Indians, who also parted ways after a single season.                         

Minnesota Twins signed Drew in January 2019 as a minor-league agent. However, following the year he became a free agent and was selected for Organizational All-Star in late 2019.

He was then again re-signed with Minnesota Twins. In the wake of the pandemic, the minor league was suspended and Drew Maggi spent most of his time in ‌training camp. He played for the Minnesota Twins, until 2022.

Philadelphia Phillies signed a minor league contract in March 2022 for a single season. Only to be traded with Pittsburg Pirates. After a successful season with the Pirates, they re-signed him in 2023 and promoted him to the active roster.

Drew Maggi Net Worth

As of 2023, Drew Maggi’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He earned most of his wealth from playing in the minor league. When it comes to money, Drew Maggi always thinks strategically.

Rumors suggest that he has invested a lot of money in different ventures, and it is not clear how much he has invested.

Drew Maggi’s net worth is expected to boom due to ‌exposure from the major leagues. If he could show his peak potential, he might be on the covers of various brands.

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