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Met Gala 2023: Jason Derulo Fall From The Stairs? Is The Photo Fake Or Real



Met Gala 2023 Jason Derulo Fall From The Stairs Is The Photo Fake Or Real

The fashion’s biggest night Met Gala is back for a 2023 glamorous gathering and the incidents and events from it are topping the headlines.

The latest headline was a piece of unfortunate news that the American chart-topping singer-songwriter Jason Derulo fell down the stairs of the Gala. 

Met Gala 2023: Jason Derulo Fall Down The Stairs Photo Went Viral

With the surface of the news, the fans and followers of the 33-year-old Pop and R&B infectious song maker Jason Derulo rushed to online platforms to know the truth behind the news. They were most concerned about whether their favorite artist was doing good after the fall. 

Met Gala 2023 Jason Derulo Fall From The Stairs

The news became viral as a photo went viral on the internet, that conveyed that Derulo has fallen down the stairs and the security guards were not able to save him from the tragic fall.

The photo showed him in a white tuxedo, wearing a white pair of boots and he has fallen to the extent that he was upside down on the stairs. His legs were up in the air and his head was on the red-carpeted stairs.

A security guard who was standing next to him seemed to stop him from falling and another was shown running towards him with open hands. His facial expression was not comprehended as he was not facing the camera. 

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Did Jason Derulo Actually Fall Down The Stairs?

The answer is no. Jason Derulo did not trip and fall down the Met Gala stairs. In fact, he has never fallen down the stairs of any public event. Then why such a photo is surfacing, right? 

Well if you are a Derulo fan or if you follow up on Met Gala and related events, then you know the reason behind this. In that case, this can not be the first time that you are coming across the news that the singer has fallen down the stairs. Just like the Met Gala, the surface of this news is also an annual event. 

Since 2015, this is being continued as an online tradition which some people refer to as an internet joke. No major red-carpet events have passed on without a meme of Jason Derulo falling down the stairs. 

Surprisingly, this time, Jason Derulo did not even attend the Met Gala, and still the meme did not fail to show up.

Is The Photo Fake Or Real? What Is The Truth?

So, the viral photo? It is indeed a fake photo. What is seen in the photo is a real event, but the man is not Derulo and neither it is from the 2023 Met Gala. The photo dates back to the 2011 Cannes Film Festival that premiered in France.

Reportedly, the man dressed in white attempted to enter the event without permission and invitation and he was forced to abort.

He tried to climb the red carpet stairs of the film festival and even did a stunt number on the stairs. The security guards forced the man to go back and on the attempt, he lost his balance and fell down the stairs. 

The meme first appeared on the internet as an anonymous Twitter user posted it. He captioned it that it was funny that Jason Derulo had fallen down the Met Gala stairs.

The meme was shared frantically and Derulo himself called it out. He was at a rehearsal in Los Angeles at that time. 

Years have passed, it’s 2023 and Jason still has to inform his close ones that he has not fallen down the stairs. Back in 2018, he had said that he think that photo is hilarious, but as of now, somebody has to got to check in on him to know if his feelings have changed or not. 

Merraim Webster the most used online dictionary in America joined the internet joke by drastically editing the already surfacing photo.

The falling man in the photo was edited with the face of Noah Webster, the one behind one of America’s earliest dictionaries.

The photo was posted on Twitter with the caption that read Noah Webster has just fallen down the stairs at the 2023 Met Gala. But in reality, he had actually died back in 1843.

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