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Jackson Mahomes Wife: Is Patrick Mahomes Brother Married?



Jackson Mahomes Wife Is Patrick Mahomes Brother Married

Jackson Mahomes has been the talk of the town for the past few days. In connection with an alleged incident at a Kansas City restaurant in February, the younger brother of the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes was detained on Wednesday. 

Jackson Mahomes And The Controversies

Jackson Mahomes is accused of committing three charges of aggravated sexual violence and one more crime of assault.

In the midst of the issue, Jackson’s treatment of women came under scrutiny, and several fans pondered what he would do to a partner. 

Jackson Mahomes

The owner of the restaurant in Overland Park claimed the man assaulted her and shoved a waiter on separate occasions, and the Overland Park police confirmed this. The 22-year-old Jackson Mahomes is seen in a video online kissing the restaurant’s 40-year-old owner.

The controversies and the arrest that followed made people speculate about Jackson Mahome’s marital status and sexual orientation. Many are curious to know whether the younger brother of Patrick Mahomes is married or not. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Jackson Mahomes and his love life. Before getting into the business, let’s see who actually Jackson Mahome is!

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Who Is Jackson Mahome?

Jackson Mahomes, a 22-year-old Texas native and online star, has amassed a sizable fan base on social media with his amusing dancing and TikTok videos.

He is Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, a football player for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Jackson has been the focus of countless debates while receiving both praise and condemnation; some people are interested in judging him based on his personal preferences. 

Jackson Mahomes Wife: Is He Married?

Jackson Mahomes’ personal life is open to public criticism as an internet star, and his followers are always curious about him. Some fans have been interested in his marital status to know whether he has a wife or a girlfriend. 

Jackson Mahomes Wife Is He Married

Jackson, who is 22 years old, is reportedly not yet married and has no plans to propose to anyone. The name of his current girlfriend is still unknown, despite the fact that he has clicked with several other women and used flirty remarks on social media. 

Jackson wants to keep his personal life private in order to protect his mental health in light of the rumors surrounding his sexual orientation. 

Jackson is definitely single, but there’s still a chance that he has a partner who isn’t publicly known. The possibility that he is not in a relationship at all is also possible. 

If he didn’t already have a companion, his busy schedules, rumors, controversies, and legal issues could prevent him from looking for one right now. 

However, Jackson had reportedly dated Dayna Marie, a social media influencer, in the past. The two were spotted kissing each other, which sparked rumors regarding their relationship. 

Is Jackson Mahome Gay?

No! The younger brother of Patrick Mahomes, Jackson, is heterosexual and he completely denied the rumors about his sexual orientation being gay. 

It appears that all of the reports regarding Jackson Mahome’s sexuality as gay are just rumors. Jackson claims he is not gay in a video he posted to YouTube in 2021. In the video, he says that it is hurtful and disrespectful that people assume he is gay based just on the sound of his voice. 

Jackson Mahomes has been the target of several homophobic slurs. Particularly during his brother’s games or in his Instagram direct messages. 

He said in the video that it’s the choice of an individual to choose whether to be gay or not. The video concluded with Jackson’s claim that he is entirely into girls. 

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