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Laura Ingraham Husband Photo: Is She Married? All About Her Dating History 



Laura Ingraham Husband Photo Is She Married All About Her Dating History 

Laura Ingraham is renowned throughout the country as a fierce right-wing political analyst who is forthright with her opinions. 

Due to this, she has frequently faced criticism and has even been called a white supremacist. 

She has hosted her talk show, The Ingraham Angle, since 1997 and regularly appears on Fox News as a conservative political commentator. She founded a website called and a podcast called The Laura Ingraham Show. 

Despite being well-known, Ingraham has maintained a rather discreet life, which has many people curious to know whether she is seeing anyone.

Does Laura Ingraham have a husband? This article explores everything you need to know about the marital status and dating history of Laura Ingraham. 

Laura Ingraham Husband Photo: Is She Married?

You might be curious to know Laura Ingraham’s marital status. It comes out that she has never been married and doesn’t appear to have any immediate plans to do so. She has never been engaged to anyone.

Laura Ingraham

Even though the political analyst had several relationships before, she never had a serious boyfriend that lasted for long.

All of her relationships were short-spanned and any of them never reached the extent of a marriage. 

If you’re interested in Laura Ingraham’s love life, you might be interested to learn that she never had a serious boyfriend even though dated many.

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Who Is Laura Ingraham Dating Now?

According to recent reports, the fierce right-wing political analyst, Laura Ingraham, is not dating anyone at the moment.

She isn’t romantically linked with anyone and is enjoying her single life to the fullest. 

Several sources claim that the 58-year-old Laura Graham is not planning to marry anyway. It’s not sure whether Laura has a plan to marry since she keeps her personal life away from the spotlight. 

Laura Ingraham: A Single Mother Of Three

Any of Laura Ingraham’s previous relationships had not led her to pregnancy. But the conservative political analyst is a mother of three children she adopted. 

Maria, a girl adopted from Guatemala in 2008, Michael Dmitri, a boy adopted from Russia in 2009, and Nikolai Peter, a second boy adopted from Russia, are the three children of Laura.

Laura Ingarah Dating History

The Fox News personality Laura Ingraham has had several well-known romances, but they were all unfortunately short-lived for a variety of reasons.

Laura Ingarah-Husband-Dating History

The majority of the men she has dated are prominent political figures, economists, and wealthy businessmen. 

Now, let’s go through the dating history of Laura and find the men with whom Laura was romantically linked in the past. 

Dinesh D’Souza

An Indian-American right-wing supporter, Dinesh D’Souza, and Laura Ingraham once had a romance. 

They were originally connected at Dartmouth University in the early 1980s when he was working there at Dartmouth University.

It is unclear why Dinesh and Laura broke up. They still get along well after Dinesh was found guilty of financial fraud, and Laura even defended him. 

Keith Olbermann

According to reports, the American sports and political pundit and writer Keith Olbermann and Laura formerly dated each other. 

Keith has worked for ESPN, Fox Sports, Net, and Current TV. Back in 1998, Laura and Keith went on several dates.

George Conway

As the 1990s came to a close, Laura and George Conway began dating. Their relationship began when they were both working as Ralph Winter’s clerks in 1997. 

The relationship doesn’t last long; Laura and George parted ways not soon after the beginning of their relationship. 

George is a lawyer and political adviser who has been the outspoken opponent of Donald Trump.

Robert Torricelli

In 1999, there were rumors that Laura Ingraham was dating the American lawyer and ex-politician Robert Torricelli.

Laura is a Republican, and Robert is a Democrat,  thus the connection between them felt absurd for many. 

Laura and George never confirmed their relationship. Reports state that it didn’t last long, and they broke the relationship within a few months of dating.

Lawrence H. Summers

The American economist and Laura were allegedly dating around 2005. But neither Lawrence nor Laura made it clear how they were related. If they did date, it was just for a very short period.

James V. Reyes

The Republican political analyst said that she had gone on a blind date before meeting the Chicago-based business magnate. 

In 2005, the two were reportedly engaged. However, their relationship did not last as the Fox News host Laura Ingraham declared she would not marry James. It was when James was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery. 

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