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Who Was Sergio Calderón? Age, Career, Wife, Children, Cause Of Death And More



Who Was Sergio Calderón Age, Career, Wife, Children, Cause Of Death And More

Mexican character actor Sergio Calderón passed away on Wednesday in the presence of his loved ones. Calderón was 77 at the time of death.

Sergio Calderón has been working as an actor since 1970. He was most known for his appearances as the head-on stick in the 1997 movie Men in Black and Captain Vallenueva in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End. 

Who Was Sergio Calderón?

Sergio Calderón is a Mexican actor who has been working professionally since 1970. He passed away on 31st May after being hospitalized for days. 

In the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Calderón played Captain Eduardo Villanueva of the Adriatic Sea, one of the pirate lords.

Sergio Calderon

The actor posted images of himself on social media with the movie star Johnny Depp and rock icon Keith Richards, who in the film played the Pirate Lord of Madagascar and Depp’s father.

In the MIB film, Calderón played Jose, whose head may be seen next to Tommy Lee Jones on the end of a sword. Calderón proudly shared this on social media.

The actor most recently appeared in episodes of Peacock’s The Resort, Little Fockers, The Ruins, and Better Things on FX.

Apart from these, Calderón played a Mexican Rebel during the turn of the 20th century in Duck, You Sucker!, written and directed by Sergio Leone. 

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Sergio Calderón Cause Of Death

The popular Mexican actor Sergio Calderón was hospitalized for days due to pneumonia. However, the exact cause of the actor’s death is not published yet.

Even though he continued acting in his 70s, he had several health issues. The exact cause of death might be announced later by his family or by the respective authorities. 

Sergio Calderón: Age

Sergio Calderón was born in the year 1945 and was 77 at the time of his death. He was born and raised in Coatlan del Rio, Mexico. 

The information regarding his parents or siblings is unknown. However, his parents supported and encouraged Calderón to follow his passion for acting from a young age.

He talked about his parents in several interviews given to various media. 

Sergio Calderón Early Life And Career

According to Calderón, success as an actor means becoming a master of his profession. In his 53-year career, Calderón has played a variety of roles as a villain, most notably getting part of a dishonest police officer in the 2022 Peacock dark comedy and mystery series The Resort. 

Sergio Calderón was born in a small Mexican village in a tropical region. His parents told him that he wandered off and disappeared for several hours when he was just 3 years old. They eventually found him outside, watching a movie that was being projected onto a wall. 

He relocated to Mexico City when he was ten and it was from there he developed a passion for acting.

His teacher encouraged him to participate in a poetry reading competition at school and he realized that he had a passion for performing.

Calderón enjoys making fun of the fact that he was told he wasn’t good-looking enough to be an actor.  

His debut appearance was in the 1970 Hollywood movie The Bridge in the Jungle, which was being shot in Chiapas, Mexico. In the following years, Calderón appeared in many other movies and TV shows. 

He was awarded the Screen Actors Guild Card for his performance in the 1979 Hollywood comedy, The In-Laws. After receiving the honor, he moved to Los Angeles and began to build his career in the United States. 

Sergio Calderón: Wife And Children

Sergio Calderón was married to Karen Dakin and had two children, Patrick Calderon-Dakin, and Johanna Calderon-Dakin. 

Their daughter Johanna is the vice president of the Mesulam Group, a public relations, and communication firm in the US. She is married to Raaj, a businessman. Sergio Calderón had three grandchildren: Krishnaavi, Emiliano, and Victoria. 

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