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Who Is Brittany Williams? All About Her Family, Career, Net Worth, And More



Who Is Brittany Williams All About Her Family, Career, Net Worth, And More

Josh Allen and Brittany Williams have been one of the NFL’s most desirable couples for a long time. 

Williams has accompanied Allen to all his Buffalo Bills games for over five years, including the team’s Divisional Round playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in January 2023.

However, after Williams unexpectedly unfollowed Allen on Instagram in April 2023, rumors started circulating that the longtime couple would be breaking up.  

The public has recently become interested in Brittany Williams because of her high-profile romance with Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills quarterback, and their subsequent breakup.

Her relationship with Allen drove her into the public eye, but she has since developed her own brand as a fitness and fashion influencer. 

Who Is Brittany Williams?

Brittany Williams is a former cheerleader and California State University graduate who is now known as a Pilates instructor and a fashion enthusiast. 

Brittany Williams-Josh Allen

She was born on April 26, 1996, and is a native of California. She was a student at Firebaugh High School in California and later joined Clovis North High School.

At California State University, she pursued a degree in agricultural business operations. 

She was a dancer and cheerleader during her time in high school, and she was a member of the Dole Dance Studio. She belonged to the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority as well.

Brittany Williams lists herself as a “Mat & Reformer instructor” on Instagram and she manages a pilates page of her own.

She has been developing her career as a social media influencer and primarily posts about fitness. She is renowned for posting online culinary adventures and fashion tips. 

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Brittany Williams-Josh Allen Relationship Explored

The background of the romance between Josh Allen and Brittany Williams goes back to their childhood. 

The two met at a birthday celebration for Josh Allen’s brother while they were both attending school in Fresno, California.

Allen made an impression on Williams when he took a baseball dropped close to the party and brought it over to her. 

Years after the faded friendship, Williams and Allen reunited at ALlen’s family restaurant during their first year of college.

The couple’s love for each other continued despite a brief setback in which Allen ghosted her for a year. Williams, who belonged to the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, cheered for the team at Fresno University.

She invited Josh Allen to her sorority formal in 2017 after seeing how successful he had become as an athlete. 

William was Josh Allen’s biggest supporter during the course of their relationship. She proudly wore a Wyoming Cowboys shirt in Yellow with Allen’s name and number on the back while watching him play college football.

She switched her Cowboys jersey for a Bills one when Allen joined the Buffalo Bills in the NFL, showing her constant support for his professional career. 

The couple supposedly broke up in April 2023 since they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Following the breakup rumor, Williams and Josh Allen deleted all the photos together that they posted on social media, which confirmed their split. 

Brittany Williams: Family

Brittany Williams was born in a family of four, as the only daughter of Megan and Chris William. Her father was a former superintendent of the Paso Robles Unified School District.

His father played as the linebacker for Fresno State and was made an honorary captain of the Bulldogs in 2018. Williams has a brother named Jordan Williams.

Brittany Williams Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Brittany Williams as of 2023 is around $200,000. She is an Instagram influencer promoting several clothing and fitness brands.

Her career as a Pilates instructor also contributes to her wealth. She manages the Pilates by Britt Instagram page, which features upper body, lower body, abs, and other workouts. Brittany Williams earns money from working as a fashion model for many designers. 

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