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Dr Ruth Westheimer Net Worth: Family, Husband, Career, And More



Dr Ruth Westheimer Net Worth Family, Husband, Career, And More

Dr Ruth Westheimer is a well-known therapist. She has successfully handled multiple portfolios throughout her life.

From being a renowned psychology professor to an excellent Radio Host, she mastered her public relationships well.

Her family was a victim of the brutality of Hitler’s Nazism. Despite a traumatizing childhood, she achieved a lot in her life. Let’s look at her relationships, age, career, family, and net worth.

Dr Ruth Westheimer: Early Life And Family 

Born on June 4, 1928, in Germany, Dr Ruth Westheimer was born to Julius Westheimer and Miriam Westheimer.

Dr Ruth Westheimer

She was a jew by religion. She’s always been a confident and capable lady on her own.

Dr Ruth had a keen interest in studies since her childhood. She kick-started her career after completing her education at the Teachers College at the University of Columbia

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Dr Ruth Westheimer is a psychology professor at the University of Paris. She runs a very successful radio show.

She is one of the wealthiest and most successful Radio hosts. Her radio program ‘Sexually Speaking’ became very famous.

She challenged the stereotypes of society through her talk show ‘Good Sex with Dr Ruth Westheimer’.

Dr Ruth Westheimer became the first to openly discuss and advise about taboo topics such as erectile dysfunction and the gravity of female orgasms. 

She was a fantastic author as well. Her famous book ‘Sex for Dummies’ became the biggest hot seller in 1995. She has recently authored ‘From You to Two’ and ‘Dr. Ruth’s Relationship Roadmap’.

Dr Ruth believes in a healthy discussion to promote sexual wellness in a couple. She has been blessed with an inherent ability to connect with the audience over time.

Through her radio shows, she has always emphasized the importance of human conversation and how slowly people are losing upon this art.

She probably became the first woman in the early 90s to answer all the sexual questions on a reality show.

Her experiences in her life have made her strong enough to face the reality of society. Since then, she has inspired many women to take a stand for their rights.

Even at the age of 91. She is recognized as the most successful sex therapist of her time. Despite being born and brought up in the absence of her parents, she managed to live life up to her terms and conditions.

Dr Ruth Westheimer Net worth

Dr Ruth Westheimer is a professor, a Radio Host, an advisor, an entrepreneur, a therapist, and most importantly, an author. She earns a handsome sum of money through these roles.

According to the latest sources, her net worth is valued at USD 6 million. She earns passively through her investments in various bonds, shares, and stocks.

Dr Ruth Westheimer Husband And Relationships 

Dr Ruth Westheimer married three times in her life. Her first two marriages were extremely short-lived but taught her important lessons.

She married Manfred Westheimer for the third time at the age of 32. Her husband was her fellow Holocaust survivor. She even had two daughters with him. 


With such an impressive biography, Dr Ruth Westheimer has earned many accolades. Her name has been included in the ‘The Bronx Walk of Fame’ list’.

Her contribution to literature has earned her the honor of being a Women in Technology International Hall of Fame member.

She received an honorary doctorate from Hebrew College. She was bestowed with the Magnus Hirschfeld Medal in 1994. It was in 2002 that she received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

She has undoubtedly touched the heights of the sky over the years. Her intelligence and confidence have made her the most unique lady in this whole world. Dr Ruth Westheimer has stood connected with her roots and carved her name in history. 

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