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Cornel West Net Worth: How Rich Is He? Age, Wife, Children, And Political Career



Cornel West Net Worth How Rich Is He Age, Wife, Children, And Political Career

Cornel West is a well-known American Philosopher. Being a Left-wing activist, he is known for his proficiency in politics.

He came to light after the People’s Party announced him as a potential candidate to contest the election for the United States of America. Cornel West is inspired by non-Marxist socialist thought.

He is perfectly aligned with the Left and has been an ardent supporter of the Democrats. Committed to eradicating systemic inequalities in the country, the West is known for this unique self.

Let’s unravel more about him, his net worth, age, political party, relationship, career, etc.

Cornel West Net Worth

Cornel West is a renowned author, public speaker, academician, and politician in the making. His actual net worth has not been disclosed, but based on his multiple portfolios, it would be sound to conclude that he is a man of strong financial standing.

Cornel West

Many unofficial sources have confirmed that his net worth is USD 2 million. He is an advocate of promoting social and economic equality among the people. However, he has been doing all of it pro bono and not for any gain.

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Political Party

West has been a champion of socialist ideas throughout his lifetime. Being a supporter of the Leftist views, he has consistently criticized the elected representatives and politicians belonging to Democrats and Republicans.

However, during the election of 2016 and 2020, he supported the leaders with a liberal mindset. He has been an active critic of former President Barack Obama.

He recently referred to the present President, Joe Biden, to be a neoliberal disaster for the country to bear.

Now that he has decided to join the People’s Party and contest the Presidential election, he aims to unleash the true potential of the Americans by removing poverty, corruption, and inequalities and instead promoting equity and justice.

Time and again, through these socialist endeavors, he has proved himself a popular alternative.

Cornel West Age

Born on June 2, 1953, in Oklahoma, Cornel West is currently aged 70 years. 

Cornel West Wife, Children & Relationships

West has had a terrible relationship history with many women in the past. He tied the knot for the first time with Romona Santiago.

After that, he broke up with her after some time. He soon married Elleni Gebre. However, this relationship was also very short-lived. He then entered into a live-in relationship with Leslie Kotkin.

He was then associated with Hilda Holloman, and both were blessed with a son named Clifton Louis. But later, he divorced her in 2019. Currently, he lives with his wife, Annahita Mahdavi. The duo has been living together for the past 3 years.


He was an academic student from his childhood. He graduated in philosophy from prestigious institutions like Harvard University and Yale University. Soon after, he became an academician and an author.

He has authored the bestseller ‘Cornel West Reader’. He has always propounded the amalgamation of Christianity with his socialist principles. Cornel West has undertaken extensive research on progressive politics. 

He has also headed various seminars addressing issues like healthcare, equality of wages, and preservation of national wealth.

Cornel West has consistently challenged the conventions of society through his influential lectures and readings.

He usually spends considerable time analyzing international relationships and has suggested new reforms to mitigate international conflict.

Cornel West is one of a kind. He is undoubtedly a strong candidate for contesting the presidential election.

He has always put his colleagues and rivals to think through his innovative and unconventional achievements. It will be interesting to witness how well the people of the United States of America accept him as their new President.

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