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Netflix Glamorous Star Miss Benny Makes Bold Announcement: I’m Trans And Proud”



Netflix Glamorous Star Miss Benny Makes Bold Announcement I'm Trans And Proud

The American actress, singer, and YouTuber, Miss Benny, has been the talk of the town since she came out as trans. Her revelation has garnered a lot of attention from many people worldwide since she is Netflix’s Glamorous star. 

When it comes to Internet users, most are more likely to peek into the personal life of celebrities. Likewise, many have been searching for more details on the revelation of Netflix’s Glamorous star Miss Benny’s sexual orientation. 

Miss Benny: Her Journey As A Transgender Woman

Born as Ben J. Pierce, Miss Benny found something different in herself since childhood and realized that she had a woman inside her even though she was born as a boy. She continued living as a closeted teenager until she found an outlet with other individuals like her in the online community. 

Miss Benny Her Journey As A Transgender Woman

According to reports, Miss Benny revealed publicly about her sexuality for the first time in a personal essay written by herself. She opened up about living in a conservative Christian family and about her struggles with her identity. 

Miss Benny said that she dreamt of becoming like her sisters at the age of 8, but the dream never came true. She woke up every morning in the hope of change but nothing happened. When she grew up, she realized that it was very unwelcoming in her town to talk about LGBT topics. Due to this difficult situation, she kept silent and looked for a way to come out of it. 

Later, she moved to Los Angeles in search of a career in acting along with the goal to establish her own identity. After a few years of hard work, she started to witness the results of Miss Benny determination. 

In the Netflix series Glamorous, she performed as Kim Cattrall, a beauty tycoon’s assistant, a non-binary makeup artist. She was overjoyed to get the role. However, her character was named Marco and she was in the transition period which raised some concerns in her. So, she suggested the director of Glamorous develop Marco’s on-screen personality as her real-life one. 

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She added in the essay that the character of Marco gave her the courage to come out and she felt more confident and secure in what she is now than being a terrified queer kid in Texas. She suggested to those people who are living behind the curtains scared of the social gender bias, to come out and told them to have a place where they can see someone like them thrive and be celebrated. 

Miss Benny: Personal Life And Career

Miss Benny was born Ben J. Pierce on February 19, 1999, in Dallas, Texas. She currently resides in California. Benny has three sisters who are working in different fields of the film industry. 

Benny started making videos on YouTube in 2010, when she was 11 years old in an effort to feel less lonely and alone. She started vlogging on the KidPOV YouTube Channel in 2012. In 2016, she started using her real name when posting the videos. 

She released the song Little Game in 2014 with the help of Tumi Mphahlele. The song and accompanying music video opposed imposing gender roles on young people. 

Benny made an appearance as Casey, the show’s first openly gay character, in the 2018 season of the sitcom Fuller House. She was given a role in the show Reverie. 

Miss Benny was chosen to play Marco, a motivated and creative gender-non-conforming teen who uses makeup and fashion to let his queer self bloom, in Glamourous in 2019. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the show was canceled and subsequently picked up by Netflix. Thus, it premiered on June 22, 2023. 

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