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VIDEO: Sound observations from Eldar, coming to Anthology on May 7

A 23-year-old former San Diego resident is keeping Jazz alive for the next generation. Read about his upcoming performance, his dedication and his willingness to stretch his boundaries and continuing to explore new ground.

Sizing up "Dance/Theatre" at Diversionary

In the multi-faceted world of dance, “dance theater” is already an established genre. Diversionary Theatre’s “Dance/Theatre” is not that. Rather, it is dance inspired by theater.

New comprehensive website for arts and culture advocates

The San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition expands their advocacy for funding and support for arts and culture throughout San Diego County with new website aimed expanding awareness and engaging the general public.

Gay reaction to new character in Archie Comics is positive

This hunky new character, with blond curly hair and a strong Ben Affleck-like chin, shows up in Riverdale in Veronica Comics #202 and immediately becomes the apple of Veronica's eye, but she doesn't have a clue why he is not interested in her.

Lesbian artists that rock: Natalie “Nate” Koble

“I am a diamond in the rough as far as my art goes,” she says. “I am abstract and simple in subject matter. At the same time, if you dig deeper my message gets more complex.”