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Annual 'Winter White Party' coming to Rich's

Annual 'Winter White Party' coming to Rich's

SDPIX’s annual “Winter White Party” is going to make waiting for Santa a whole lot more fun this weekend. 

This event will be held at Rich’s Nightclub on Saturday, December 24, at 10 pm and go until Christmas morning at 2 am.

The club will become a winter wonderland, transforming into a glorious snow-white fantasy filled with music, holiday cheer and merry go-go boys.

Crest Cafe is open for business!

Crest Cafe has served Hillcrest daily for 38 years, and continues to be there for the community serving hearty, healthy comfort food throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Ramen Ryoma opens in Hillcrest

Hillcrest just got a little more mouthwatering as Ramen Ryoma has opened up on University Avenue next to Better Buzz Coffee Roasters. The Japanese noodle house is the brainchild of owner Yoshinari Ichise who also operates similar eateries in Las Vegas.

Babycakes' grand opening happens Dec. 14

Babycakes' grand opening happens Dec. 14

It's been over a year since Babycakes moved out of Hillcrest, but get ready because they're back. Their grand opening will happen on December 14. There will be an official ribbon-cutting, giveaways, and specials. 

Tin Room San Diego set to open Dec. 6 in Hillcrest

Tin Room set to open Dec. 6 in Hillcrest

There's a new gay bar coming to Hillcrest and it's getting ready to open its doors in just over a week. 

Just in case you missed all the hub-bub, the "World Famous Tin Room" is taking up residence in Hillcrest. This is an extension of their bar of the same name that remains open in Dallas. 

Rich's turns 28 with dance diva Pepper MaShay

Rich's turns 28 with dance diva Pepper MaShay.

Rich's is San Diego's largest and most popular gay dance club and it's turning 28. To celebrate they are throwing a party featuring some of the best music from the region's most talented DJs.

And a special guest performance by Pepper Mashay!

Dishes at the Crest Café are always Instagram-ready

Great food caught on camera.

No doubt you have a friend on social media who loves to take pictures of their restaurant food.

That can either make you jealous because they are eating out yet again, or make you hungry depending on what they show.