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"The Jungle Cruise" character is gay, but Disney won't let him say it

"The Jungle Cruise" Jack Whitehall and The Rock.

As Disney keeps churning out live action movies based on rides and old animated films, they continually try to reassure audiences of their commitment to including LGBT characters. It's hard to tell if they mean what they say because they are masters of onscreen ambiguity.

Farrah Moan talks to us about being an All Star

Farrah Moan tells us the tea on All Stars.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season 4 gave us plenty of veteran talent to cheer about this week. It was the supergroup episode, in which RuPaul was auditioning the girls to form a band called "Henny."

The queens lit up the stage with what makes them special including incorporating special guest star Stacy Layne Matthews into their choreographed routines. 

Kevin Spacey creates bizarre and creepy video

Actor Kevin Spacey blurred the lines of reality and fantasy in a bizarre YouTube video he uploaded over the holiday. The star faces felony sexual assault against a Massachusetts news anchor’s teenage son, reports Variety. 

Natural Style Chicken comes to roost in Hillcrest

Korean BBQ and rotisserie chicken are fused into one menu at Natural Style Chicken.

Point Loma's Natural Style Chicken makes a lateral move into a prominent storefront at University and Fifth in Hillcrest with a second location. 

Iceman's gay story arc betrays LGBT readers with twist ending

Marvel may have erased many things this year, but for the LGBT community their decision to remove any groundbreaking significance to the gay Iceman storyline has left loyal readers feeling dumbfounded and betrayed.

An older Kevin is once again "Home Alone" in new Google ad

Macaulay Culkin revisits his cinematic roots for new Google ad.

Perhaps one of the only actors who looks like he hasn't aged in 20 years, Macaulay Culkin has reprised his famous role in "Home Alone" for a new Google campaign. 

The ad was published on Wednesday and follows the now much older Kevin as he organizes his day with the help of Google's household satellite assistants. 

Popeyes offers "support chicken" to air travelers

"Emotional Support Chicken" is now a travel companion thanks to Popeyes restaurants.

Talk about comfort food, this Popeyes at the Philadelphia International Airport is helping nervous fliers ease their anxiety with a new promotion. 

Penny Marshall has died, she was 75

Penny Marshall, 1943 - 2018

Comedienne and director Penny Marshall has died, she was 75. 

Perhaps better known in the golden age of sitcom television as the first half of the comedy duo "Laverne and Shirley," Marshall went on to become a successful movie director. 

Trans Miss Universe contestant Angela Ponce makes history

Angela Ponce became the first in history to compete in the main Miss Universe pageant as a trans woman. 

Over the weekend, Ponce was in Bangkok at the IMPACT Arena, having just contended with women from 94 other countries and territories for the coveted crown.