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Dogecoin (Doge) Falls 20% As Elon Musk Considers Leaving Twitter



Dogecoin (Doge) Falls 20% As Elon Musk Considers Leaving Twitter

Elon musk ‘ the Dogefather’ has recently tweeted a poll on whether he should resign from the post of CEO or not, which resulted in 57% of the users who participated in the poll ending up opting for his resignation, he responded that he would resign as soon as he finds his successor.

The founder of Tesla has been running two jobs since October, after buying the social media giant for $44 billion.

Earlier when musk acquired twitter he announced plans to implement a crypto wallet into the platform, as many believed it to be Dogecoin to be the default payment method for subscriptions making it the financial centerpiece.

Elon Musk’s Resignation Impacts The Price Of Dogecoin

After the announcement of Elon Musk’s resignation, the price of dogecoin in the charts has seen a downtrend ever since. The price of the meme-coin continued to fall even when 57% of the participants of the poll voted for his resignation. Musk promises the users that he will abide by the rules of the public, which means that the future of Dogecoin may not be in good hands, after these scenarios.

Dogecoin (Doge) Falls 20% As Elon Musk Considers Leaving Twitter

As for now, the price of dogecoin has slipped down 1.4% in the past few hours and has been going down by 20% in the last few days. This is all due to Musk’s decision to resign from the company.

By his resignation, it means that the plans of integrating dogecoin into the platform will be in vain. Moreover, there has been no confirmation of DOGE integration in recent days apart from the announcement of Tesla’s owner.

In an unpredictable move, a new feature has been announced on the social media platform. Twitter launched live charts for the crypto giants Bitcoin and Ethereum last Wednesday. The introduction of this feature has pleased the crypto community but disappointed the entire Doge fans.

This new feature also supports some popular stocks and exchange-traded funds. It is to be believed that other cryptocurrencies will be introduced in the future. These charts are displayed by Tradingview along with links to other platforms. Musk assures that they have more plans to implement more financial market data as well as the option to buy and sell in the coming weeks. 

When musk acquired twitter, the value of dogecoin skyrocketed 170% increase from $0.05911 to $0.15952, due to the controversies of integrating dogecoin as a method of payment to purchase its subscriptions and other plans.

But, there have been no talks or confirmation from the CEO of Twitter up to this date, and it is unclear whether the future of the meme coin will survive on the Twitter platform.

Before his announcement of resignation, as per the request of sir doge of the coin, Musk is willing to talk with the doge community. According to the tweet of the CEO of Twitter, things have been really intense for him and he will try to make himself free during Christmas.

This means that it may happen any day today or tomorrow and in the remaining days of Christmas. It is believed that the co-founder of dogecoin would be among the co-hosts of the spaces.

As well the doge army would have a bunch of questions for musk, particularly about the integration of dogecoin payments on Twitter to buy its subscription plans and other features.

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The billionaire businessman has been silent on this discussion after he mentioned integration in early summer before purchasing Twitter, he also suggested twitter board at that time consider dogecoin payments for purchasing the blue subscription plans.

For all the dogecoin fans out there, stay updated for further news as the live conversation of Elon musk may happen anytime this week, according to his tweet.  

Furthermore, most of the cryptocurrencies have been in a downward trend ever since sam bank man’s illegal attempts to loot money from the FTX investors, the cryptocurrencies have been bleeding out due to his corrupt actions.

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