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Krampus Is Coming To The Crypto Space This Holiday Season



Krampus Is Coming To The Crypto Space This Holiday Season

“Krampus coming to the crypto space this holiday season” is a recent poem that has been circulating on the internet for the past few days. It signifies the demon Krampus resembling Sam Bankman who bagged all the investor’s money into his sack.

Just before Christmas just like Krampus, he appeared in the courthouse with something sleazier than Christmas gifts.

It begins with a question for the politicians, did they truly know the duplicity of the Sam-Bankman while taking the FTX’s money, the next part of the phrase directly pointed to the initial days of FTX when its stocks and cryptos were booming in the market along money flowing to the wallets of agencies and lawmakers.

What Is The Context Of This Poem?

Sam Bankman scammed his own investors all while he has been blaming their own rivals Binance. The latter part of the poem claims how he ruined Christmas by losing all his mind over the billions of money to repay to the customers.

Krampus Is Coming To The Crypto Space This Holiday Season

But little did he know that the crypto community could not be blown away with a single stroke and every year isn’t focusing on scams and crimes that could deteriorate the entire digital world.

This ensures that despite the hard blow by the FTX on the crypto community, it will rise again and secure all the funds in the end.

The author of the poem is however not revealed, but the author has given a clear idea of what it means to the crypto community and how they are struggling to recover from the incident. The community believes in faith that just like every other Christmas crypto will climb back to its spot.

Originally Krampus refers to the evil twin of Santa, a demon with a black-furred body, a deranged face with bloodshot eyes, and two big curling horns coming out from the head. Krampus resembles a half-goat and a demon.

It appears during Christmas in the streets chasing children and scaring them off for being naughty. The word Krampus is derived from the German word Kampen, which means claw.

According to folklore, Krampus is believed to appear on the night of 5th December, which is also recognized as Krampus night along with St. Nicholas. Both of them go from house to house.

On one hand, St. Nicholas hands out sweet candies to the children who have been good, on the other Krampus punishes mischievous children by beating birch branches or stuff into the Krampus’s sack and carrying them off to his hideaway to torture or eat. 

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The reports suggest that after all these years Krampus had made his comeback due to the non-traditional way people celebrate their Christmas holiday season, whereas people in the United States embrace the demonic character by watching movies and television episodes about Krampus.

People have been widely fantasizing about Krampus by throwing Krampus-themed parties and commercializing by selling chocolates, figurines, and collectible horns.

Recently, in the cryptocurrency industry, the crypto market has collapsed due to certain mischievous acts of co-founders, especially former co-founders of FTX Sam Bankman Fried who was accused of looting $8 billion of FTX’s money.

This illegal money laundering is carried along with his top associates Gary Wang and former CEO of Alameda research Caroline Ellison.

All these were charged with fraud cases by the southern district of new york, wherein the hearing both of his associates pleaded guilty and acknowledged themselves that the actions they did were wrong. In the latter part of the case, Sam Bankman was released after his parents paid the $250,000 bond.

Once Sam Bankman was listed as a top billionaire in the world is now surviving with emptied pockets. His mischievous actions have led the company to file for bankruptcy. In addition to that, the entire crypto community has been devastated due to the collapse of the World’s second-largest crypto exchange.

“Krampus coming to the crypto space this holiday season” refers to the demon coming after the mischievous Sam-Bankman Fried to punish him and his associates for all the wrongdoings. 

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