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Exxon And Chevron Share $100 Billion Profit As A Result Of Soaring Oil Prices



Exxon And Chevron Share $100 Billion Profit As A Result Of Soaring Oil Prices

Exxon Mobil, one of the largest publicly traded international oil and Chevron corporation, who manufactures and sells high-quality refined products, including gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, and many more are expected to inject around $100 billion in combined profits in the financial year 2022, following the surge in fossil fuel prices as well the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As per the reports from wall street compiled by the S&P Capital IQ, Exxon mobiles were expected to infuse more than $56  billion in profits and $37 billion in the financial year 2022.

These two numbers are their record-high profits up to this date. These profits had relieved the company from the accusing statements made by the activists and shareholders who were distracted from their core oil and gas business regarding the climate-warning emissions.

Due To The Pandemic, Crude Prices Crashed In Last Year

These companies were struggling during the last quarter of 2021, due to the pandemic-driven crude price crash because of the inability to cope with the climate change strategies fuelled by the shareholders.

Exxon And Chevron Share $100 Billion Profit As A Result Of Soaring Oil Prices

The pressure further boiled in Exxon after the company lost control of three board seat activists to the hedge fund engine during the first half of 2021. In 2020, both energy-generating companies has stumbled over 20% of their annual net income. Even during the hard times, the company resisted calling off its climate strategies.

Both companies have internally agreed to buy back their shares, Exxon has revealed its plan to repurchase its $50 billion worth of shares by 2024, and the company has already bought $15 billion worth of shares.

On other hand, Chevron has plans to buy its shares for around $15 billion worth. Both the companies have been criticized and labeled Un-American for buying back their shares by the political group especially, Joe Biden’s top international energy adviser Amos Hochstein, he added that the companies should be investing funds to increase the supplies amid high demand.

It draws such political issues because of the high energy prices and decade-long inflation across the US and Europe.

The higher energy prices had been beneficial to the investors, as the company skyrocketed its shares to a new high in 2022, despite the decline in the market.

Exxon’s stock closed at $110 a share on Friday, which is 80% up by the end of 2021, whereas sharing prices of Chevron rose by 35%, and the prices closed at $180 per share in the evening before the new year.

Both companies have convinced themselves that oil and gas will be required to power the global economy in the coming decades.

The report from Exxon’s energy outlook based on the long term indicates that oil demand seems to continue to grow till the end of 2040, and the world will consume millions of more barrels of crude oils per day than it consumes today by the year 2050. Hence, Exxon projects that natural gas consumption will grow over the next decades. 

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Despite the global efforts to minimize natural gas consumption and attain zero-carbon emissions, the chief executive of Chevron Mike Wirth told that fossil fuels will be running the world even after 20 years from now.

At the same time, the demand for fossil fuels is forcing companies to expand their output in the coming years by investing in low-carbon techniques such as carbon capture and storage.

Despite this, Exxon is planning to acquire oilfields in Texas and New Mexico as well as deep water fields in Guyana and brazil to increase the production of output by 15% by 2027.

It is believed that many companies have been committing to tens of billions of projects that are not meeting the climate goals under the Paris agreement. Mike Coffin, an analyst suggested investors must be aware of the consequences of investing in such companies.

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