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Shrink Wrap: Ask the therapists about personal issues, relationships, sex, and more



Got an issue that you just can’t make sense of? Shrink Wrap is a new column on and is the go-to advice and support corner for the LGBT community. It’s similar to a Dear Abby but with a gay twist.

Shrink Wrap allows you to ask questions about your personal life, relationships, sex, struggles, and anything else while remaining anonymous. Every week, we will answer up to three questions. Get real answers about real life issues. Anonymous and Free! Give it a try, we dare you!

About the shrinks

Jennine Estes is a marriage and family therapist with her practice in Mission Valley. She primarily focuses her practice on relationships; creating healthy communication, healing from affairs, stopping arguments, increasing the intimacy/romance and sexual addiction. She will answer questions regarding those aspects of relationships, from recent breakups to long-term relationship concerns. She loves addressing relationship concerns … ask her anything and she’ll be more than happy to help out. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will figure it out!

Stephen Brewer is a registered psychological assistant (PSB33858) to Angela Spenser, PhD (PSY15450) in Scripps Ranch. He primarily focuses on treating addictions and traumatic stress with a specialty in men’s development and sexuality. He will answer questions regarding aspects of individual wellbeing, personal growth, addictions and more. He loves helping others work through complex life situations, so try your best to stump him!


Jennine and Stephen cannot respond to every question asked, nor should their responses be considered professional medical advice.

Shrink Wrap/SDGLN is not part of the licensing process and should not be considered psychotherapy.

Shrink Wrap/SDGLN is commentary and advice based on Jennine’s and Stephen’s personal opinions and insight and should be regarded as such. Shrink Wrap/SDGLN is in no way related to or reflective of the opinions or insight of Stephen’s private practice supervisor, Angela Spenser PhD.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call 911.

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