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Boot~ique: What is the best workout for women?

When it comes to working out, the options are truly endless.

It all comes down to what you prefer and what kind of fitness goals you are trying to reach. Once you set your fitness goals, it will be easier to know what kind of workout routine will best help you reach those goals.

It is also important that you enjoy your workout.

Find what kind of workout excites you and stick to it. When you are loving your workout, you will have less of an issue getting yourself into a routine of doing it.

Here are a few great options to help you stay in shape and enjoy getting there at the same time.

Dance the Calories Away

If you have any dance experience, taking a Zumba, Hip Hop, Cardio Dance Class, or any other movement classes are going to be a great idea.

Even if you've never had any experience dancing, these classes can be an excellent way to get in your cardio workout. Dance classes are superb for any fitness level and can offer variety to fit your personal preference.

If you are a fan of high energy workouts that just let you loosen up and get into your own groove, then you will also find this type of workout extremely beneficial. There are so many wonderful types of dance classes to choose from and all of them provide you with a great workout. Try Zumba, Salsa, Meringue, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, or any other fun ones that you can find.

Traditions that are Still Tried and True

Cardio workouts are excellent and will help you burn a great amount of calories, but it is also good to do some resistance training. Cardio workouts use muscle and fat as energy and by adding resistance training, you can prevent the muscle tissue loss that occurs during those types of workouts.

Resistance training allows you to put together a routine that really works for you and over time you will see that you are able to increase the intensity of your workout.

If you decide to take up resistance training as a fitness activity, be sure you learn the correct techniques and to have an experienced spotter whenever necessary. This type of workout is fabulous for toning up your physique and giving you the body that cardio workouts alone will not get you.

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

If you are the type of person who loves to be outdoors, then you have endless options for fitness activities. There is nothing like a jog while the sun is setting, or perhaps a bike ride through one of the many scenic routes throughout San Diego County.

You can also hike through one of the beautiful hiking trails found in literally any neighborhood. Or jump in the water and take on a water activity like surfing, wakeboarding, kite boarding, or snorkeling.

All of these activities offer a great, heart-pumping workout and still allow you to be outdoors in the fresh San Diego air.

Take a Hike with Bootique

Bootique Fitness is hosting a hike on Sunday, June 5th. This free event is organized to bring people together for a chance to move, be active and get to know each other.

The plan is for everyone to meet at Torrey Pines at 9:50 am.

See Bootique Fitness for full details.

Putting it All Together

If you love all of the above types of workouts, then check out a Boot Camp class.

This type of workout combines all types of fitness activities to provide you with a heart racing, calorie burning, high-intensity workout that will be sure to yield results quicker than you can imagine.

It consists of a group of individuals all working toward a fitness goal and acting as a support team the entire way. If you are a fan of working out with others in a motivational setting that will keep you on your toes and challenge your body from one class to another, then Boot Camp is going to be a great fit for you.

Jaylin Allen is a local fitness expert in San Diego, known for getting her clients in shape in record time through her popular "Boot Camps For Women" and "Zumba" classes. For more information about Jaylin, fitness, or her classes, be sure to check out Bootique Fitness or call (619) 602-8087.