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Boot~ique with VIDEO: Eliminate those Fourth of July calories

Finally ... June Gloom is over and the bright, beautiful sun is shining all over San Diego! You can finally enjoy your short shorts, tank tops and bathing suits, and even soak up some rays.

You probably enjoyed a fun day of BBQ and cocktails with your friends to celebrate the fourth and the fireworks, so you are really going to appreciate this quick, effective and intense cardio workout to burn off those added calories.

Each circuit is only 3 minutes, so you can do multiple circuits and really challenge yourself!

In fact, you can warm up, do 4 circuits and cool down, in just 20 min.

You can do this workout anywhere. All you need is a Gymboss interval timer, or simply use the youtube clip below to keep time.

Here's the breakdown for a 20 min workout:

Warm up -- 3 minutes -- jump rope or jog

1st circuit

1. Hop overs for 35 seconds (take 8 second rests between exercises)
2. Jumping lunges for 35 seconds (8 second rest)
3. 180 degree burpees for 35 seconds (8 second rest)
4. Hop over jumps for 35 seconds (8 second rest)

Rest for 43 seconds (1 full round on the interval timer) between circuits and repeat the circuit 3 more times.

Cool down and stretch -- 3 minutes

If you are really pushing yourself, you should be wiped out after 4 rounds!

Leave a comment below and tell us how you did with this workout. Did you complete four rounds? Can you do more?

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Check out this video to see if you are doing the circuit properly or exercise right along with the video:

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