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Boot~ique: What is your workout personality?

Ever wonder why some people can complete the same exercise routine hundreds of times and never get bored, while others need a constant change of venue to keep motivated?

Just as everyone has their own, unique personality; the same can be said for workout personalities.

Everyone has a style of working out that suits them. If one finds their exercise personality, then it's likely that they will have discovered their individual key to long-term fitness success. 
What is your workout personality?
An workout personality is an exercise plan that is based on your personality type.

You don't have to take a lengthy quiz to find out which workouts are best for you. Just answer a few simple questions and your answers will guide you to the workout that suits you best.
High Octane
For example, are you are an adrenaline junkie? Do you love action movies and can't imagine using a treadmill for any reason?

Then a high-energy, interval training workout is mostly likely best for you. Boot camp programs, kickboxing classes, stair drills and wild Zumba classes would all programs that you would enjoy immensely.
Just Cruising
Maybe you prefer a more relaxed setting in which to exercise? Try a more leisurely approach like hiking or kayaking.

There are many groups that get together and hike the gorgeous terrain in and around San Diego – many of them are even free.
You could also rent a kayak or stand up paddle board from one of several places in Mission Bay or San Diego Bay. Kayaks and paddle boards will give you the opportunity enjoy an easy ride around the bay or you could start to add some power and pick up your speed whenever you choose.

Maybe you’ll even feel like dipping into the high octane lane and choose to take your toy out in the ocean. Talk about exciting!
Should you workout alone or in a group?

Choosing whether to work out with a group of people or on your own is also going to narrow down your exercise personality.
Sole Survivor
If you prefer to be on your own, you’ll probably enjoy running, biking or rollerblading outside.

You may even like to go to the gym with headphones on and be able to tune everyone else out, so that you feel like you’re alone.
Energy Thriver
If you prefer being in a group setting and having others around to help motivate you while you workout, there a plethora of exercise class options to choose from in San Diego.

Have you ever noticed, though – that many people that take these group classes never really change the way they look?

That’s why we created Bootique Fitness – to give the women of San Diego a group exercise program that is not only a great workout, but a group full of like-minded women with a complete formula that delivers incredible results!
Should you just add another exercise or start a complete program?
You could do the same old exercises over and over and never really get anywhere, or you could join a program that guarantees results.

I know, I know. You may be wondering how can one program be all things to all people? It's simple, really. The staff at Bootique Fitness offers a variety of workouts in an environment that is encouraging and supportive.
Many women complain of being bored while working out alone or not having a reliable support system to keep them on track. Each class offered by is filled with women who value their health and come day after day, week after week to do the very same thing you are there to do: work out, enjoy themselves and get results! 

At Bootique Fitness one thing is for sure; you will never be bored or alone when you attend one of the boot camp classes offered in San Diego.
What workout fits your personality?

The workouts at Bootique Fitness really are suited to each unique personality type. With its diverse exercise classes set outdoors in a group setting, the boot camp classes are a great way for any personality type to get back into the swing of all things fitness related. 

From Monday through Saturday in various locations throughout San Diego, you will find our trainers working with women just like you to change their bodies and get fit for not just summer, but for life! Check out our Bootique Fitness class schedule HERE.
If you're craving a fast-paced, Latin-inspired flavor to kick up your exercise routine, then look no further than the Zumba classes. No dance experience is required. Just come ready to have fun, shake your body and burn calories.

Tragedy Strikes: My own personal workout journey
You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my lifelong goal of being a surfer. I was so excited to team up with Surf Divas and create our Surf FIT program, where I coach the fitness aspects and the Surf Divas coach us on surfing.
Well, one Saturday three weeks ago – on the sunniest, most beautiful day I had ever taken my surf board out – I fell off the board into shallow water. As I caught my balance, I quickly realized that I could not bear any weight on my left foot.

Fortunately, I was still experiencing the zen of the ocean, so I didn’t panic, but instead laid down on my board to body surf myself to the shore.

There I sat in the edge of the water until the instructor made her way over to me. She and the lifeguards were very friendly and helpful as they drove me back to my things and helped me call my family to come get me, since I couldn’t drive my stick shift home.
For the next two days, I elevated and iced my very, very swollen foot. Thankfully, one of my fantastic clients brought crutches over for me to use, since I still couldn’t walk on it. I convinced myself that it wasn’t broken and that I would be back on my feet again within the week.
That following Monday morning, however, I received news that crushed me. Not that anyone else would be happy to hear this, but to find out that I broke three metatarsals and needed surgery was horrific news for me.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic – but I’m a fitness instructor. I move and teach and jump and dance all day long.

Without a blink of an eye, my husband Ed took over at this point. He handled the doctors and made arrangements for me to have surgery that Thursday. He even took over teaching all of my extra classes, causing him to change his wake-up alarm from 8 am to 5 am!
In addition, my trainers are doing a fantastic job of taking care of the rest of my classes. My family and clients send me daily messages filled with positivity and support. I’m really fortunate to have such great system support in my life!

For the first two weeks after surgery, I was sick all day. I could barely sit, still much less move. This was a really terrible period. Today, I am finally feeling better and I am really ready to move, although I still I can’t do my traditional workouts.

There will be no squatting or jumping or dancing to Zumba for me for at least another two weeks until I get this cast off. But – there are many things I can do! I can work on my core and I can do upper body exercises with a bit more creativity.

I was able to complete a grueling 45 minute workout without ever using or hurting my broken foot! And you know what – I actually enjoyed it!
There truly is something for everyone when it comes to exercise. Whether you’re choosing exercises based on what you like or dislike, or whether you are choosing exercises based on what you physically can or cannot do in the moment, there is still so much variety out there.

Experiment – it will be so worth it when you find the program that makes you not only feel good, but look good as a result!
Jaylin Allen is a local fitness expert in San Diego, known for getting her clients in shape in record time through her popular "Boot Camps For Women" and "Zumba" classes. For more information about Jaylin, fitness, or her classes, be sure to check out Bootique Fitness or call (619) 602-8087.