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Study shows bisexual women more likely to be depressed

A study published in 2009 by the University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health found that 48.5 percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals reported receiving mental health treatment in the past year, compared with 22.5 percent of heterosexuals. The researchers furthermore noted that lesbians and bisexual women were most likely to receive treatment, and heterosexual men were least likely.

And a new national study led by Lisa Lindley, associate professor in Mason's Department of Global and Community Health within the College of Health and Human Services, found results that echo those found in 2009.

According to Lindley’s research, “Bisexual women are more likely than their male counterparts to suffer from depression and stress and to binge-drink; bisexual women also are at greater risk to smoke and be victimized.”

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