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Simple interval training workout

My last two articles were geared towards getting you moving or into a gym. Stepping through those doors and dedicating an hour to your own health pursuits.

A great way to spike your metabolism, increasing your resting metabolic rate (how many calories you burn just resting), is by adding in Sprint Intervals.

Think of it as something you can perform with large portions of the body (Air Squats not Biceps Curl) at maximal effort. Pick simple moves at first until you gain confidence and form.

Look at the bodies of long distance runners, and compare them to those that compete in the shorter distanced sprints. The sprinters have maintained great muscle mass and keep very little body fat. Distance runners are almost "skinny fat" by many standards.

Dr. Izumi Tabata did research which shows that a mere 20 seconds of maximal effort work, followed by a short 10 seconds of rest, can be cycled through for 4 minutes and the body will reap the benefits for TWO DAYS after.

This form of HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, boosts human growth hormone while lowering fat and raising muscle mass. That's all in 4 minutes!

So try adding in a Tabata interval to your treadmill warmup this week.

Start with 2 minutes of easy paced warmup before the 4 minute workout begins. Watch your treadmill timer and at the 2 min mark start sprinting. Continue it for 20 seconds and then carefully hop feet to the side fails and rest for 10 seconds. This goes on for 8 total rounds (4 minutes).

You're going to be gassed and loving it only took a few minutes.

Get out there and get moving!

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