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Covid Outbreak In Guangzhou Grows Worse As More Chinese Lockdowns Approach



Covid Outbreak In Guangzhou Grows Worse As More Chinese Lockdowns Approach

There has been an increase in the incidence of covid cases in Chinese cities once again. The country is all set to experience yet another nationwide lockdown in order to stem the spread of infection. Over the months, China has been struggling hard to keep the covid cases within control.

 The chances of counteracting this infection have increased despite worldwide immunization. The recent threat of the same looms over the city of Guangzhou after Shanghai has recently reported a complete shutdown over time. There is no chance for the moment that the situation would improve with time. At this moment, the health crisis in China seems to be escalating. The official records are terrifying and every possible attempt is being made to contain the spread of this infection so that the lives of the people could be safeguarded. 

What Do The Statistics Say About This? 

As against 4560 reported positive cases recorded in the month of May, there has been an exponential increase in the number of infections in the country. The city of Guangzhou individually reported 7567 cases last Friday, which has been the highest since the day. This is actually going to affect the availability of healthcare facilities in the country in order to put up a tough front against the deadly virus. 

Covid Outbreak In Guangzhou Grows Worse As More Chinese Lockdowns Approach

The country has entered into negotiations with different nations to increase the supply of PCR kits and vaccines so that the health crisis could be tackled easily without posing a risk to the health of the people. Awareness with respect to wearing masks and following the norms such as social distancing have been enforced once again with the same level of stringency. The aim is to bring down the number of infections and prevent further spread to the nearby cities. 


The surge in the incidence of infections has not only burdened the medical sector of the country but has also terribly impacted the economy. The world’s largest economy had just recently lifted all the restrictive measures in order to open the economy to the world at large. The pandemic two years back had already impacted the world economy to a great extent. China has been one of the worst affected economies. Instead, the duration for which the economy remained under lockdown was the longest in this country only. This was owing to the successive covid-19 waves that hit the country back to back. 

The fiscal deficit jumped in light of these developments. A sharp decline in the domestic product has been further responsible for affecting the economy in the long run. With the covid infections increasing once again in China, economists predict that the manufacturing units would be shut down again. This would be a huge blow to the economy as a whole. The effect on the economy would be grave for the moment and this would be affecting the international commitments of the country over the years. 

This is likely to be detrimental to the national economy. The government has however decided to introduce some relief measures so that the economy could function properly. However, it is essential to understand that these measures are likely to affect the global burden on the economy as a whole. The incidence of debt would be increasing. This will retard the growth of the economy as a whole. 


The pandemic is not yet over for countries like China. The country is suffering from a lot of crises over time. It is crucial to take remedial measures as soon as possible so that the country can recover from the losses which have been reported so far.

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