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Apron Belly – What Are The Methods To Decrease?



Life makes changes, whether it means weight loss, pregnancy, weight gain, or any other surprises. After a few changes, you may determine that your body does not feel or look the way in which it should.

Thus, it leads to excessive tissues, fat, and skin hanging down as an apron from your abdomen. Due to this, people are forced to wear baggy sweatshirts or sweatpants to hide them, but they are also worried about whether it will cause any serious health problems.

If you have more questions about apron belly, you should read the article and get the answers to all your questions.

What Is An Apron Belly?

Apron belly refers to excess fat and abdomen skin hanging down from your waistline as an apron. Apron bellies are also known by the name of muffin top, hanging belly, or pannus stomach.

What Is An Apron Belly

Apron belly occurs when fat and belly surround internal organs and expands due to pregnancy and weight gain, leading to excess fat deposit in the omentum. The apron belly size varies, from hanging to the upper area of the thighs or the person’s knees.

Common Issues With Apron Belly

It is determined that an apron belly can make up for a high risk of cancer, like ovarian cancer. It is also associated with type 2 diabetes and liver diseases. Apron belly also causes physical or emotional discomfort. This is why it is important to address and reduce the apron belly as soon as possible.

Causes For Apron Belly

Mainly, there are three causes of apron belly, obesity, pregnancy, and genetics. An apron belly also causes loose skin in abdominal areas that follow the weight loss significantly. Let us take a look at the main three causes.

1.      Pregnancy

The abdomen and uterus stretch significantly during pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby. This type of stretching causes your skin to sag and lose, especially when you gain a huge weight during pregnancy.


After delivery, your uterus shrinks and comes back to a standard size, and the skin around the abdomen will tighten up again. However, it may not be good if you gain huge weight and your skin is too stretched during pregnancy.

2.      Obesity

Another major cause of apron belly is obesity. At the obese stage, you have to feel excess fat inside or outside your abdomen. This excess fat causes your skin to stretch and sag on the abdomen. Obesity is a major cause for which men also face problems from apron belly.


3.      Genetics

Some people are facing the problem of an apron belly because of their genetics. Every human body stores fat in a different manner. In some people, there is some extra fat deposited into their midsection. So, in this case, genetics will be out of control.


Risk Factors Of Apron Belly

Here are some of the health risk factors associated with apron belly.

  • Increase cancer, like ovarian cancer, in the body
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Constant irritation
  • Heart disease
  • Physical and emotional discomfort
  • Rashes and skin infections
  • Increased sweating

How To Get Rid Of An Apron Belly

There are various nonsurgical and surgical solutions that help you to get rid of an apron belly and provide you with the self-confidence that you deserve

How To Get Rid Of An Apron Belly
Source: thehealthymommy

1.      Healthy Lifestyle Commitment

Hormone fluctuations, pregnancy, and quick weight loss contribute to excess fat associated with an apron belly. So, you should commit to a better lifestyle with healthy habit changes.

2.      Weight Loss

Shedding a lot of weight pounds is one of the best ways to get rid of an apron belly. You should reduce your calorie intake by 500-1000 calories daily.

3.      Dietary Changes

If you want to get rid of an apron belly, you must make small dietary changes and adopt healthy eating patterns. You should start to take a lot of protein foods. Choose whole grains like wild rice, oatmeal, brown rice, etc., instead of refined grains.

4.      Daily Abdominal Exercises

Daily abdominal exercise is another best way to shrink your apron belly. Here are some of the ab exercises you should try at least 10 minutes daily to achieve good results.

  • Sit-ups
  • Plank rows
  • Plank holds
  • Russian twists
  • Plank jacks
  • Traditional crunches

5.      Surgical Process

You should try the surgical process if a non-surgical process needs to be fixed to reduce your apron belly. A surgical process, like tummy tucks, is the best way to get rid of an apron belly.

Expert Advice

If you do not want to get the excessive abdominal weight off on your own, then you should make your custom weight loss meal plans, contact health coaching support, or adopt fat-burning workouts.

Expert Advice

These meal plans and workouts help you to eliminate your apron belly and reach your body weight goal.

Final Words

If you want to reduce your apron belly, you must first identify the cause to make the right plan for getting rid of the apron belly. If you have more weight than normal, you should achieve a healthy weight that improves your overall well-being, health, and appearance.


  • Can you get rid of an apron belly?

Yes, it is possible to reduce your apron belly. For this, you have to lose weight, reduce fat deposits and make your apron belly smaller. For most people, the single way to get rid of an apron belly is to have a panniculectomy.

  • How to keep your apron belly clean?

Maintaining good hygiene is important because it helps prevent your skin under the apron belly from dermatological issues and rashes problems. Ensure to get fully drying bathing when you experience perspiration.

  • What causes the apron belly?

When fat tissues expand near your internal organs, it lowers the abdominal areas, hangs them down, and causes the apron belly. Weight gain, rapid weight loss, and pregnancy are the main causes of apron belly.

  • How to treat an apron belly?

The best natural option to treat apron belly is by adopting regular exercise and a healthy diet, which results in losing weight. It will also reduce the fat deposit around your internal organs and treat the apron belly.

  • Will the apron belly go away?

The only method to permanently remove the apron belly is surgical/nonsurgical operations and weight reduction. 

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