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Hospitals In The South Bay Face Capacity Constraints Due To Rising Flu And RSV Cases!



Hospitals In The South Bay Face Capacity Constraints

South Bay hospitals get rushed by the rising number of three winter viruses flu, Respiratory Syncytial viruses (RSV), and COVID-19 cases. Triple threat increased the number of hospitalization of children nationwide.  RSV is a normal virus disease with the usual respiratory infections, colds, and coughs. It can make respiratory problems like pneumonia and bronchitis.

Local hospitals treat children who are affected by RSV by setting up tents during the lack of proper hospital facilities. Hospital emergency rooms are packed with patients. Hospitals are at their breaking point of patient admission numbers for ICU beds in children cases. The reason for the increased number of pediatric hospitalization is infections of the respiratory tract by the respiratory syncytial virus.

hospitals get rushed by the rising number of three winter viruses

The COVID-19 pandemic is also a reason for pediatric hospitalization. A survey showed there is a scarcity of available beds in the pediatric sections of every hospital. Six pediatric intensive care units, 26 neonatal intensive care units, and 21 pediatric beds are only available. Hospitals are compulsive to shift children to adult patient beds in accordance with the lack of pediatric bed facilities.

Hospitals get rushed by the rising number of viruses

Cold and cough medicines are selling out and hitting the medicine storage of hospitals. Children less than 3 years are prone to get sick. It will badly affect their immunity system. Usually, RSV cases will start in November, this year it started in October, and is a challenge to kids’ respiratory health systems.   

Health officials are pushing people to protect themselves from the virus

Hospitals struggle with the limited number of staff and nurses. Many of the nurses are called out to treat their own children at home. Hospital management now contacting the nurses union to know if they can allow nurses to take extra shifts.  Healthcare specialists said if anyone in the family with an infection tries to avoid going out. If children are affected don’t let them go to school and daycare.

Parents also don’t go to work which can avoid the spreading of the virus. Healthcare providers believe that the early attack from the winter disease is because of the impact of the pandemic. Healthcare specialists advise people to get vaccinated for the flu and COVID-19 cases because there is no vaccination for the Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Health officials are pushing people to protect themselves from the virus.

Taking covid medication like Paxlovid will help to reduce the number of patients. Bay area water is tested by the authority, to find its influence on the rising number of flu in the county. Health precautions are for bay area families in this year’s thanksgiving celebrations. Health experts say don’t panic about the virus, instead of we need to do some precautions.

According to the National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System, The number of cases in November shows it has the highest in more than two years. Concentration on the three respiratory viruses stresses the total healthcare system. Dr. Mark Dumais, Chief Medical officer of Northridge hospital commented about what the pandemic teaches us and we learned so much from that. Healthcare workers are at risk at their work. They easily get sick by doing their service.   

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