A Guide To Removing Butt Hair And Why It Occurs!

Guide To Removing Butt Hair

When discussing butt hair, many people often get embarrassed talking about it to someone who is entirely natural. No one would like to talk about their private parts until it becomes an issue or they have to refer a doctor for some problem. However, have you ever thought about why there is so much butt hair growing on you but don’t get any reason behind it.

Then, you will be delighted to know that here in this, we have discussed everything related to butt hair. Butt hair is quite normal, and most people in the world have it, although some may have more or less depending on their body’s hair growth. But you should not get embarrassed about it anymore; instead, learn every other detail to get rid of that so you can have a butt free of unwanted hair. 

What Is butt hair? different Methods To Remove It

People during ancient times used to have lots of hair on them which kept them protected from cold temperatures and also for attracting different people of the opposite gender. However, that is not the case with evolution anymore, as the need for butt hair has lost its purpose but persists in some people.

But it is said that just like eyelashes protect the eye against bugs, sweat, dust, or other foreign particles. Butt hair between or around the anus is known for preventing chafing between the butt cheeks. 

 Butt Hair

Many researchers have also stated that people tend to have hair around the area where the scent is generated. Butt hair is also known for keeping the body warm under the required circumstances. 

Why should you have butt hair?

Butt hair is quite a phenomenon for most people. However, there might be some good reasons behind its growth. Hence, let us look at those reasons that could help you identify the reason behind all those hairy bangs between those butt cheeks you have got: –

  • Fluctuations In Hormone

The first and foremost reason driving hair growth between your lower cheeks could be hormone fluctuations. People can get affected by hormone fluctuations at any time for various reasons. However, most cases occur due to people going through puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. At this time, various changes keep happening in your body so some hormonal fluctuation might lead to hair growth in any part of the body, including the butt cheeks.

  • Cushing Syndrome

Now, coming at the second most befitting reason that could be behind the growth of butt hair might be due to Cushing syndrome and hyperplasia. The hair that comes out of the buttocks is due to adrenal glands, which release androgens. And secretion of this hormone in lots of amounts could lead to hair growth between the butt cheeks for both males and females. It causes adrenal diseases, which is a significant reason behind Cushing syndrome.

  • Genetics

When it comes to hair growth in the body, inherited genes can play a significant role. It could bless people with more hair growth in their bodies while others may not have, so this could all be behind the genetics of your previous generations. Hence, your hair in your buttocks might be because your parents already possessed it and passed it onto you, or rather you inherited the trait.

  • Side Effects Of Medications

There are lots of medications that come with many side effects of their own. Therefore, if you have taken any of those medications recently, they might be the reason behind the unnatural hair growth in your lower cheeks. Some medicines are danazol, anabolic steroids, testosterone, and phenytoin. 

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS and hyperthecosis could play a significant role in the hair growth in your butt. These are some rare conditions caused by the ovaries, which play a vital role in balancing the proper hormone levels of the body. The females are the ones who get affected by this, not the males. 

Should you remove butt hair?

Are the people supposed to remove their butt hair? It is a question many of us ask or contemplate about. There are some benefits that butt hair provides to the body; however, it might also look dirty and ugly whenever you look at it.

Remove Butt Hair

But it might be helpful if you are looking to attract some opposite gender like earlier. Keeping yourself clean from other rare diseases by not allowing any bug to grow in the pants could be a good reason for removing the butt hair efficiently.    

How do you remove your butt hair?

You can get rid of your butt hair in two ways. If you don’t know about those techniques, then let us go through them one by one: –

Methods To Remove Butt Hair
Source: Medical News Today
  • Permanent Removal

However, the most popular technique in the market is only taken by a few sets of people who choose to remove butt hair permanently. Suppose you fall in those groups where you don’t want to shave or trim the hair in your butt quite frequently. If instead, want to go for a more vigorous technique with last lasting effects, then choosing to have the hair permanently removed might be the best option for you. 

  • Temporary Removal

Now, the temporary butt hair removal technique is quite beneficial for those who cannot afford the treatment provided through the permanent solution of it. Most of a country’s people would want to return to their references without seeking permanent solutions. Going for a temporary butt hair removal is economically viable and valuable with zero repercussions. That is why opting for temporary removal of it has many benefits. 

Methods of permanent removal of butt hair 

  • Laser Hair Removal

One of the most popular permanent butt hair removal techniques many people opt for is laser hair removal. In the process of laser hair removal, some powerful laser beams are projected upon the hair follicle in those spaces. Although it would eliminate the chances of it becoming a more extensive hair instead, it could heavily restrict its growth. 

Laser Hair Removal

The total duration of this process may need to be known adequately as it heavily depends on the entire surface area it would treat. However, this whole treatment would be costly and uncomfortable compared to others. The laser beams here feel like pinpricks over the body; hence, proper protection against them would be required. 

  • Electrolysis

Our following permanent butt hair removal process is electrolysis which uses the mechanism of electric current like before. In the electrolysis process, the doctor would choose those hair needs to be transmitted through tiny needles. These needles are put inside the hair follicle and used to cancel extra hair grown with them. 

Electrolysis Treatment
Source: CoLaz

It has many similarities, like laser treatment, as the follow-up treatment of electrolysis is also required, which can exert the total price to a much higher level. However, the total time of the operation would depend upon the area you want to cover through it. You may experience a lot of pain during this process; hence taking OTC pain relievers is useful. You may identify some visible areas of redness during the treatment, which are typical during this process. 

Methods of temporary removal of butt hair

  • Shaving

One of the first temporary removal techniques that comes to every person’s mind when thinking about clearing their butt hair is shaving. You can use a shaving razor to get rid of some fine hair at the skin level of the butt. However, using some hair gel would make the whole process much smoother and more seamless.

Shaving Butt Hair
Source: CareKees

Shaving the butt hair slowly with taking some is necessary for maintaining irritation-free buttocks. After using the razor, you should clean it so that the following people using it won’t be affected by the dirtiness of another person’s pubic hair. Holding the butt cheeks a long way will help shave the hair off more easily.

  • Waxing

When clearing hair off the body, one of the most popular techniques used by different people is waxing. Waxing is a unique process that involves eliminating all the hair from its source so that no hair gets risen from it in the future. However, this whole waxing would last for four weeks. Trying to wax your butt hair at home by following specific rules will help you avoid falling into any dire situation.

Waxing Butt Hair
Source: Luxury Wax Bar
  • It would be best to get yourself soaked in warm water for at least 10 minutes.
  •  Then, try cutting the long hair out of the butt using scissors, which could help you in the wax process. 
  • Apply wax to the area as per your requirement, and put a clean muslin cloth on the waxed area for the time being.
  • Please wait until the wax gets settled down into the skin, and then only take it off. 
  • Keep repeating these things at least 4-5 times, and soon after the process, apply some moisturizing lotion on the surface area.  

Before you start waxing at home, ensure that you test the wax kit on a small portion of your skin, and it will help you determine if the wax is allergic to you.

  • Trimming

If you don’t want to go for the above two options in the market but want to get rid of butt hair on that thought, maybe trimming could be the solution. Most people trim their hair in private parts, like this hair, instead of completely shaving or waxing it. Trimming is one of the easiest methods of hair removal that is available in this whole list.

Trimming Butt Hair

You can reduce the risk of hurting yourself or seeing hair ingrowth through trimming. However, using a trimmer for the butt might be a difficult task. That is why ensure when you use a trimmer to cut the butt hair, you do that with a clear head and utmost patience. 

  • Hair Removal Creams

Now, your last effort in eliminating all the butt hair you have is applying depilatories in the most effective way possible. The work behind these hair removal creams is quite interesting as they function by breaking the protein bonds present in hair and dissolving them completely.

Hair Removal Creams
Source: Cleveland Clinic

However, people should be careful when using hair removal creams as the anus is nearby. Try to pick up a sensitive cream, so it doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin. 

Are there any risks when you remove your butt hair?

People coming from the age group of 19-35 are said to be quite prone to injuries caused due to hair removal from the butt or other pubic regions. Some of the risks that are associated with removing hair from the butt comprise of: –

 Risks When You Remove Your Butt Hair
  • Nicks and cuts
  • Getting sore area of skin
  • Bleeding 
  • Infections
  • Itchiness
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Rash

You would be relieved to know that this doesn’t happen to all the people out there, and it would only happen to you if you don’t follow all the safety tips mentioned in the above article. However, if you face any doubts regarding your situation, always contact a doctor who will give you professional advice, and no other people can. 

Safety tips to avoid the common risks while removing butt hair

When you think about getting rid of butt hair, you cannot eliminate them just like that. You would need to follow a specific procedure for removing them successfully without causing any damage to yourself. Hence, let us look at specific safety tips which, if followed, can help you avoid the common risks during the removal of butt hair: –

Safety Tips While Removing Butt Hair
Source: Medical News Today
  • The first and foremost point you need to remember while cutting butt hair is to use the appropriate tools like razors or scissors to clean and adequately. 
  • A good lighting source and an attached mirror are significant to play with while cutting butt hair as they help you identify the spots perfectly.
  • Choosing to apply some or getting some chemical treatment in that area to check if any allergic reaction is happening.
  • One of the most crucial tips you must remember is to keep the area clean throughout the procedure. A clean area will help you avoid issues related to itching and irritation in the buttocks.
  • Lastly, you can ask for the help of professional doctors or dermatologists who can help you survive the pain of going through this procedure.

Grooming your butt hair is a choice that is entirely made on a personal basis. You would not be getting health benefits by clearing your this hair and also, and it would not cause any harm to the area around it.

However, it would be best if you always went for temporary hair removal on the first go, depending on your likability. You shall go and opt for permanent hair removal through a professional doctor. But, the decision to clear your hair is entirely in your hand, and no one else; hence choose wisely.    

Final Words

Trying to remove the butt hair is a choice that people are entirely independent to make, and no one can change their stance on that if they choose to do so. You might want to eliminate your hair due to being in a sexual relationship with your partner. Or, you might want to do it because you want to keep yourself clean and away from hair growth on the body. 

Some side effects and risks come with cutting hair, and you must embrace all those things and go forward with your plan. Hence, if you are not comfortable seeking help from a professional and want to do the deed in secrecy, then hopefully, you have gained all the knowledge regarding it after reading the article.  


  • Can you remove hair from your butts with creams?

Most doctors recommend their patients against using hair removal creams for their butt hair. Using hair removal creams could end up causing some allergic reactions throughout the area of it.

  • Is butt hair common among females?

Yes, like men, it is also quite common for women to have butt hair in their bodies. Although, in most cases, hair is more prominent in the male body. However, some women may also get blessed with it.

  • Should men shave their butt hair?

Choosing to shave their hair off the private parts entirely depends upon the person carrying it. Many people don’t like to get rid of the hair and wait for some more years to get rid of them. However, some people like to keep themselves clean all the time and don’t want to have any hair on their bodies.

  • Is there any benefit of having butt hair on our bodies?

There were a lot of benefits that people used to enjoy with having this type of hair in their body during ancient times. However, with time the need to have butt hair got eliminated. Hence, nowadays, it is only popularly helpful in avoiding the friction between two butt cheeks more frequently.

  • Should you be worried about having butt hair?

No one should be worried about having hair on their bodies. In most cases, hair is caused due to inheritance of genes from the previous generations or side effects due to the intake of certain medicines. 

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