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Vaping Could Make Cavities More Likely- Study



Vaping Could Make Cavities More Likely- Study

Don’t we all fancy having a beautiful smile, I guess we do. The prime source for a beautiful smile is a beautiful set of teeth. Now we are in an era where many youngsters have set their minds to ruin the beautiful set of teeth by vaping all the way.

The youngsters now have shifted to e-cigarettes also known as vapes instead of actual cigarettes. There have been surveys among youngsters that many youths believe that e-cigarettes are safer than the original tobacco and nicotine cigarettes but the truth is E-cigarettes contain potentially harmful substances which include chemicals, heavy metals, nicotine, and flavorings

Vapes are battery-powered device that produces an aerosol from the vape liquid. Some vapes can be refilled with vape liquids, which are available to buy.

A Study Found That Vaping Is Associated With An Increase In Tooth Decay

Recent studies have emerged on health issues caused by vapes and e-cigarettes are potentially harmful to oral health.

Vaping Could Make Cavities More Likely

The evidence indicates that people who smoke vape have microbes related to periodontitis, a severe gum infection.

The researchers also claimed that vape users have an increased risk of dental caries over time also known as cavities. The reason for conflicting with oral health is mainly due to the vaping liquid which is an aerosol when inhaled sticks to the teeth and the mouth dries.

Allowing the sugary flavors to stick in the teeth and letting the bacteria feed the sugars. The sugar and chemical compounds in aerosols change nature and weaken the microbe to attract more decay-causing bacteria.

The sugary flavor in the vape sticks to the teeth and bacteria feeds those vapes stuck on the teeth for the next hours, causing cavities. Tooth decay can cause a lot of destruction to the gum health and the structure of your teeth.

These studies are conducted at tufts university school of dental medicine. The researchers believe that vape smokers are more likely to cause cavities during this period.

Hence, they should use prescribed fluoride toothpaste regularly and more often checkups to take care of dental health.  As we all know that it takes a lot of time and money in treating dental problems such as cavities, and infections. 

Cavities, gum infections, and gingivitis come at a lot of costs. The pain it causes won’t let you have a proper sleep or eat good food. In honesty, it would ruin your oral function completely. The experts have many times recommended quitting smoking cigarettes and vaper for better health.

As we all know that smoking actual cigarettes or e-cigarettes not only causes delta health issues but also lung infections and high risks of lung cancer. E-cigarettes are highly addictive because of the nicotine content in the products and which increases your adrenaline and blood pressure, risks causing a heart attack.

The case of vaping, includes nicotine, heavy metal particles which are ultrafine that can be inhaled into the lungs, and flavorings like diacetyl which is associated with serious lung complications.

 As the markets have broadened several kinds of vaping ingredients that are completely chemicals and potentially harmful substances have been widely making sales for cheaper prices. These kinds of illegitimate products will take you a step closer to your coffin. 

Many experts believe that e-cigarettes are potentially more harmful than what companies claim because of the outbreak of EVALI a medical condition caused by smoking vaping cigarettes. Since research is still emerging, no experts can put the blame on cigarettes.

Some of the emerging data suggest that vapes have higher chances of causing chronic lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases. The sales of vapes have increased among high school students and middle school despite the disapproval of the food and drug administration.

Neither smoking traditional cigarettes nor e-cigarettes are healthier for your health. In addition lack of scientific data on e-cigarettes does not mean it is safer than any cigarettes.

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