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How To Increase Brown Fat – Steps And Benefits!



Brown Fat

Do you still need to gain knowledge about your body fat and want to know more about it? Fats are that part of our body that is often frowned upon with an evil eye. People tend to believe that having fat in the body would only bring difficulties rather than benefits. However, if you didn’t know, fats help us to store the energy and valuable contents in them, which in return helps in the proper regulation and release of hormones in the adequate amount required. 

Brown Fat – What Activities Activate Brown Fat?

Moreover, fats are divided into types popularly known as white fat and brown fat. The most common type of fat is white fat, primarily used for storing calories and providing energy to our bodies. While on the other hand, there is brown fat which we will discuss more broadly here in this article. Brown fat is the other category in our body that helps keep our body warm against cold temperatures.

What Is Brown Fat?

Let us understand brown fat in a more detailed way which will help you know all about it and what purpose it serves to our body.

What Is Brown Fat?
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The fat that is stored in our body, which helps in burning the calories present inside of it and subsequently regulating the temperature for producing heat, is known as brown fat. Brown fat contains a lot of mitochondria, which you might know is our body’s powerhouse and helps release energy. Brown fat is more common in babies and mammals in the hibernation stage. For fighting obesity internally, brown fat is considered the best of the rest. 

How To Increase Brown Fat?

Brown fat tends to be exhausted quite faster from our body compared to the white fat present. Babies are the ones most affected by it as they contain and require a large amount of brown fat in them. Hence, let us look at the different ways you can ideally increase the brown fat in the body.

  • Diet

One of the first ways brown fat can be increased within your body is by following a strict and well-planned diet.


Thermogenesis is how brown fat is made in our body effectively. Consuming various foods like turmeric and curcumin spices, wine, green tea, and different spicy food can contribute towards the production of thermogenesis and efficiently change the texture of white fat into brown.

  • Supplements

Now, the second way you can increase the amount of brown fat in the body is by proper intake of certain supplements. Different categories of herbal supplements like kudzu flower oil, ginseng, quercetin, a specific type of flavonoid found in plants, and green olives are said to generate the thermogenesis process.


However, to get your hands on these supplements, you should consult a doctor first, as they are not appropriately found.

  • Exercise

Exercising is not said to increase the body’s brown fat generation, but it could help you efficiently transform the fat white present into brown fat.


Charging yourself with a specific exercise would help you transform the white fat into beige or brown fat. But you would need to maintain a strict routine and make a proper plan through which fat can be built on your body.

  • Cryotherapy

Choosing to submerge yourself in a chilled ice bath or get inside a cryotherapy chamber can help you generate brown fat in your body by activating thermogenesis. Making yourself habituated by staying in cold temperatures and taking a cold shower while bathing will help you produce a lot of brown fat inside of you.

Cryotherapy Treatment
  • Medicines

The last proven way you can increase the brown fat content in the boy is by the adequate intake of the medicine mirabegron, which is used for controlling the bladder.


This drug is said to bind the protein effectively with the specific contents of the cell and produce brown fat efficiently. It would work best for those who don’t or have very little brown fat. Even thyroxine and triiodothyronine are said to contribute to it.

Benefits Of Brown Fat In Our Body

One of the most evident benefits of brown fat is the work it does against reducing obesity levels in the body. Many people tend to tweak their diet and consume less food to fight obesity and reduce the amount of excess fat in the body. However, suppose you choose to exercise your body because of it. In that case, converting white fat to brown heat and activating thermogenesis is pretty evident in reducing obesity significantly. Production of brown fat in the body means the breakdown of unnecessary and harmful fat present in you.

Expert Opinion

Many experts or researchers also refer to brown fat as adipose tissue that only gets activated by the body when you take yourself in cold temperatures.

Expert Opinion

According to many types of research, doctors found that brown fat contains a lot of mitochondria, which pump a lot of energy to the body. Hence, brown fat is more or more beneficial to your body than harmful.


  • How can brown fat cells be triggered to burn fat?

Activating the brown fat cells in your body for producing brown fat is quite evident through a certain period of exposure to cold weather or temperature. Submerging in cold baths for at least an hour would give the body enough time to develop brown fat. 

  • What is vitamin good for brown fat?

Vitamin B5 is considered the best for producing brown fat in the body.

  • What foods turn into brown fat?

There are lots of foods that help produce brown fat in the body and even turn the white fat into brown. These are turmeric, green tea, chili peppers, fish oil, cinnamons, etc. 

  • What happens if you have too much brown fat?

Nothing in our body should be above its normal levels, or it would cause various problems that could sometimes be fatal. And, in the case of brown fat, if it is found to be above the required level, it might result in a heart attack or type 2 diabetes.

  • Does drinking water increase brown fat?

Yes, consuming a good amount of cold water would help you produce brown fat effectively. 

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