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How To Turn White Fat Into Brown Fat Naturally? – Easy Steps!



How To Turn White Fat Into Brown Fat Naturally

Did you go for a recent health check-up, and after seeing the results, you might have found that the body could produce a lot of unwanted fat inside? If you thought that fat only contributes towards the downside of the body, then you are pretty wrong.

Many different types of fat are present in the body, from which white fat and brown fat are found most evidently.

However, here in this article, we will discuss how to turn this white fat into fat in various ways. And also get to learn more about them throughout. Hence, let us get into it without wasting any more of our time.

What Are Brown Fat And White Fat? – What Do They Do?

Brown fat is one of the essential parts of our body’s internal metabolism. It plays a crucial role in maintaining proper levels of calories, burning them, and activating thermogenesis effectively.

What Are Brown Fat And White Fat

Brown fat contains a lot of mitochondria, which makes it responsible for generating more energy there. Even its brown color is obtained by the heavy concentration of mitochondria in it.

Now, when it comes to white fat, it is considered a standard category of fat that most people are aware of. White fat is known for storing energy in fat droplets that keep on getting produced throughout the body.

Moreover, the accumulation of this fat provides protection and insulation to the various organs. However, too much white fat can result in obesity and the risk of contracting heart disease and severe diabetes.

Purpose Of Brown Fat And White Fat In Our Body

The primary purpose of brown fat is to generate a lot of heat by activating a process known as thermogenesis. This process plays a significant role in infants maintaining their body temperature and in some adults too.

While on the other hand, the primary purpose of white fat is to work as an energy reservoir that helps regulate the energy produced and released simultaneously and adequate intake of food.

How To Turn White Fat Into Brown Fat Naturally?

Let us look at the different ways through which you can turn a large amount of white fat present in your body into brown fat by following specific natural ways: –

One of the obvious ways you can turn white fat into brown fat is through vigorous exercise. Many studies have found it shows that exercising and doing a few light physical activities produce brown fat in the body.

Moreover, it has also been determined that white fat gets easily broken down when the body identifies itself as engaged in activities requiring more energy.

  • Cold water treatment

You can break down the white fat present in your body by exposing your body to cold and chilled temperatures. The long exposure to cold temperatures and choosing to submerge yourself in a cold water bath will make more space for the production of brown fat and the destruction of white fat.

Cold water treatment
Source: scitechdaily

However, try not to stay in the cold for long as just 2 hours of exposure would be enough to break the white fat into brown.

  • Consuming a healthy diet

When it comes to burning white fat or reducing the amount of fat content in the body, most people think fasting might be the ideal choice. However, it is not the right solution and would only bring more damage to the body. Instead, one of the healthiest ways to break down brown fat is following a good staple diet.

Consuming a healthy diet

You can add apples with ursolic acid, which helps boost the body’s brown fat content. Some other foods like pears, red wine, berries, and cabbage, due to the presence of resveratrol are known for breaking down white fat.

  • Increasing the intake of melatonin

According to many researchers, it has been found that the correct intake of melatonin would help increase brown fat content throughout the body. There are lots of food through which you can increase melatonin, like cherries, coriander, cardamom, tomatoes, almonds, etc.

Increasing the intake of melatonin

Moreover, you can also increase the melatonin in your body without consuming food by avoiding long periods of exposure to electronic screens during nighttime. Additionally, maintaining good sleep patterns and exposure to sunlight would add to the production of melatonin in the body.

  • Relaxing properly

One of the easiest ways through which you can turn the white fat into brown ones is by choosing to relax correctly. Relaxing and taking breaks between the busy schedule will help your body generate more brown fat.

Relaxing properly

Many different works nowadays add to the pressure already exerted on people’s social life, like handling office responsibilities, managing all the household chores, etc.

If you don’t take proper breaks and do not relax, it would, in return, release a hormone called cortisol which reduces the content of brown fat in the body.

Expert Advice

After reading the above article, the misconception that fat only harms the body might get defeated for you. And hopefully, you have learned different ways to naturally turn white fat into brown fat.

Even though, according to the researchers, many studies are still left to identify more ways through which white fat can be broken down swiftly.


  • Where is brown fat stored in our bodies?

Brown fat in humans is mainly found in different anatomical locations of the body like between the shoulders, around the kidneys, neck, and area near the spinal cord.

  • What happens when you activate brown fat?

Brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue, starts to be produced in the body when people get exposed to cold temperatures. In most instances, brown fat is used to maintain body temperature when in cold temperatures.

  • Does brown fat increase with age?

Many researchers have found that the brown adipose tissue or brown fat starts shredding off upon the onset of aging in your body. Although there is little evidence backing this theory, people still want to believe in it.

  • Is brown fat genetic?

All of the brown fat in the body has been said to possess a unique combination of genetics. Hence, when these genes are passed on to the next generation, they show the same amount of brown fat in the body.

  • Where does white fat come from?

White fat is another type of fat in the body that, in most cases, can be found beneath the skin, around the internal organs, and the central cavity area of the bones.

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