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How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags? Tips And Tricks To Follow!



How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags

Skin tag which is also known as Acrochordons is a tiny overgrowth that is usually seen in the folds of skin of the neck, breasts, eyelids, armpits, and groin areas. These growths are not dangerous and noncancerous in nature. Usually, it appears as a small, soft, skin-colored overgrowth that hangs off the skin. As it is not harmful some people find it uncomfortable if it grows in visible areas. 

How To Remove Skin Tags? Methods You Must Know!

Skin tags are made up of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels that are surrounded by the skin. Both men and women can develop skin tags, which mostly appear in old people, people who are obese, and who have type 2 diabetes.

Some have it without any apparent reason. Pregnant ladies also can expect skin tags because of the hormonal changes happening in their bodies. Basically, it is formed when the skin rubs against itself, like people who have more folds on their bodies. 

Most people remove skin tags when it affects their self-esteem or if it snags on clothing or jewelry and sometimes bleeds. 

Skin Tags Removal

Check The Skin Tag Removal Tips

There are a number of ways to get rid of skin tags which include the home remedy, using medical products, or can consult doctors for advanced treatment. Some skin tags fall by themselves while some need to be removed, most people try out different home remedies such as 

Skin Tags Remedies
  1. Banana peel

Bananas contain antioxidant properties which are beneficial to skin-related problems. Banana peels dry out the skin tags which results in falling off the tags. Place the banana peel over the tag and secure it with a bandage. Repeat the process several times for visible results.

  1. Vitamin E

The main and most common reason for skin tags is aging. Since vitamin E is an antioxidant that is capable of removing wrinkles and keeping the skin healthy and glowing. Applying the liquid vitamin E can vanish the skin tags in a couple of days.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

The acidity of the apple cider vinegar can break down the skin tissue surrounding the skin tag and it will help to remove the tags. Use the vinegar in an appropriate way to get an effective result. Soak the cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and place the cotton over the tag. It will be effective if it is used regularly for weeks

  1. Garlic

Garlic is usually used in the skin to reduce inflammation that appears on the skin. To get rid of skin tags, place chopped garlic on the tags and cover them with a bandage overnight. Rinse the area in the morning and repeat it until the tags fall off.

  1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antifungal and antiviral properties which are safe for the skin when it is diluted with carrier oils. Apply the oil on the area of the tag and give a gentle massage, place a bandage over it to avoid contact with the cloth. Repeat the process for several nights as it is more effective when it is used at night.

  1. Tie tags using hair stand

This way is used by people who have tags that are bigger in size. Tie the tag with a strand of hair tightly, and leave it for one to two days. Because of the pressure, the tag falls off without any discomfort or pain.

Treatment Methods – Skin Tags

If the number of tags increases and becomes uncontrollable it will be better to consult a doctor to get professional advice. In rare cases some moles and wards which resemble skin tags can be cancerous, in that case consulting a dermatologist or doctor for further treatment will be a good choice.

Commonly people opt for cosmetic removal of tags which is laser treatment. The skin tags are removed by applying a certain amount of laser which burns the tag without causing any side effects. Apart from this kind of treatment, there are surgical procedures for skin tags which includes Cauterization, cryosurgery, electrocautery, ligation, and surgery based on the size of the tag

Cauterization is the process in which a doctor uses heat to remove the tag, cryosurgery is done by spraying a small amount of liquid nitrogen over the skin tag, electrocautery treatment burns the tag with a specialized electric current, ligation is cutting off the blood flow with surgical thread and the surgery is done by the doctors snipping off the skin at its base with surgical scissors according to the size and location of the skin tag.

A healthy lifestyle with a well-balanced diet, exercise, and avoiding the friction between the skin can control the growth of the skin tag. An expert opinion is always better if the tag is itchy, painful, bleeding, changing color, or starting to seem more like a sore. 

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