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Use Positively Charged Nanomaterials To Fight Obesity Anywhere



Use Positively Charged Nanomaterials To Fight Obesity Anywhere

Losing weight is one of the most important goals, for many out there, it seems. Therefore, the weight loss industry is abuzz with several means and equipment, apart from fad diets to help one lose the flab and remain slim. Amazingly, supplements and holistic ingredients form a part of the arsenal, to help the general population in this quest. However, science and research have brought forth some piece of good news today. It is none other than the prospect of nanoparticles helping to lose weight. For more information on this, read on.

Fat Cells And Obesity

The scientific community has been working since time immemorial to find out ways to lose weight or flab. Moreover, it is something that is said to have positive repercussions, not only aesthetically, but health-wise, and mental security.

Use Positively Charged Nanomaterials To Fight Obesity Anywhere

There are several diseases that may rear their ugly head in the human body if one is not careful about what goes inside as food. The diseases are cardiac ailments, hypertension, diabetes, and so on.

Additionally, it has been seen that obesity and cancer are interrelated. All those who are addicted to any sort of substance also stand the risk of contracting the disease.

The worst part about these fat cells is that they have the inherent ability to store more fat. So, the obese become more obese, and not the other way round, until the incumbent loses the cells.

An obese individual is said to have a high BMI, which also poses several health risks, as mentioned above. So, until now, the ways adopted to maintain weight included exercising and prevention through dieting.

However, one of the biggest challenges is losing fat from certain areas like the abdomen, in most cases. Localized loss is nearly impossible for a large part of the population. For the unversed, fat is found underneath the skin and also as a cover on internal organs. Most treatments that are available are invasive and may have side effects, too.

Cationic Nano Materials To The Rescue

There has been a recent breakthrough in research that claims to break the plateau of losing fat from the viscera or otherwise. Columbia Engineering and Columbia University Irving Medical Center have been conducting research on several possibilities and have come up with interesting ones. It has come to the fore that cationic nanomaterials can actually target the fatty areas of the body and also stop the enlargement of the fat cells.

The materials have been observed to convert the fat, rather than kill the cells. Adipose fat, which is one of the most stubborn forms, is the one that causes the maximum issues. The first paper pertains to this fat.

The recent experiments were conducted under laboratory conditions on mice. In the process, the positively charged nanomaterials were injected into the specimens. The results that came up were simply astounding. The particles mainly stopped the lipid storage program, and thus led to weight loss.

Normally, the particles concerned were known to cause inflammation. Something unique has come up in the research. The particles cause a multiplication in the number of fat cells but are said to inhibit fat storage or lipid storage function.

According to scientists who conducted these experiments, the same will hold true for humans as well. This shows a new direction for medical science to deal with various metabolic diseases. For the unversed, many patents are pending in the market for lack of evidence on the fruitful qualities of the nanoparticles.

However, the breakthrough may just open the gateways for the development of such particle-based treatment modalities. The cationic charge seems to be the answer to all the human civilization’s woes regarding fat, it seems.

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