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How Long Does It Take To Lose 50 Pounds? Proven Tips To Follow!



How Long Does It Take To Lose 50 Pounds Proven Tips To Follow!

If you’re seeking to lose some weight, brace yourself, for it is not easy unless you stick to a strict regime. Research on weight loss has suggested that it could take six months to lose 50 pounds off of your weight.

And this requires your utmost dedication and patience. What most people do is give up halfway into a routine because they lose their patience. But with determination, you can break the chain, and with discipline, you can achieve your goal. 

Can A Person Lose 50 Pounds In 1 Month?

Losing weight is not an instant process and initially, the changes are hardly noticeable. But before you begin your physical journey toward weight loss, you must prepare for psychological warfare against your old self.

As they say, “It is the mind that breaks before your body” whenever you undertake such a journey. So, both your mind and your body must be aligned to achieve a single common goal.

Can A Person Lose 50 Pounds In 1 Month

The mind controls you, and your body obeys. So, send your body positive feedback about losing some weight, keep it motivated, and your body will listen.

Six months as long as it sounds is just 180 days. If you balance your lifestyle that pushes you towards this goal, nothing can stop you from losing that extra 50 pounds.

With a little bit of hard work, extra patience, and full-on dedication, you too can lose weight. It needs a little help, and we are here to guide you through your journey.

Mental Preparation For Your Journey To Lose 50 Pounds

The first thing you must do is to comprehend your objectives and the reasons behind them. You really want to lose 50 pounds unless you absolutely had to, so keep that goal in mind at all times. That is what drives you. Be mindful of:

Mental Preparation For weight loss journey

  • Breaking a habit is hard, but if you are a foodie, fighting that urge to gobble down junk foods is your key responsibility. This is where your mental battle begins. One week into the process and the mind will tempt you with your past luxuries. But you need to understand that you are driven by what lies ahead. 
  • It is tough to work out every day, maintain a routine, focus on goals, and stay disciplined. Train your mind to be strong and learn to manage time. Take some time off to meditate and realign the thoughts in your mind to make them work for you and not against you.
  • Never lose sight of your goal. Have patience. Even if the change is minute, the change is still there. It is these series of everyday changes that will get you towards your goal. 

If you set up your mind, there is nothing that you can’t achieve. It is your willpower that will push you to heights that even your body cannot fathom flying. Understand yourself, and you can conquer anything. Weight loss, at the end of the day, depends on you and your determination. So, pick your gears up and get to it.

Ways To Help You Lose 50 Pounds

Body types differ based on people, and a regime that works for one may not work for the other. It may take more than six months, and it may even take less than that. Your success is an outcome of your discipline, hard work, and dedication. It entirely depends on you, and you are capable of achieving it. Here are some general guidelines ranging from workouts to diet plans that one can follow:

Proper workouts

Exercise is necessary. You cannot hope to lose the extra weight if you are unwilling to put in the extra work. Losing 50 pounds is not a quick run or a dash.

Proper workouts

It is a slow marathon where the finish line is far away. Regular exercise is packed with numerous benefits, the best one being mood regulation. It helps relieve stress and keeps you focused and energized. There are different modes of exercise each of which is equally effective. 

  • Cycling: Cycling is one of the best routines you can follow to lose 50 pounds in six months. Pedaling every day for about an hour (even more) with proper diet plans can help you lose those extra pounds. It strengthens your muscles while it continuously burns your fat. Dedicated cycling will surely help you achieve your goal.
  • Running: Grab your headphones, select your favorite music, put your shoes on and run; run until you sweat and run a little more. Running every day for an hour, followed by a few muscle stretching exercises will help burn those 50 pounds in six months. 
  • Zumba: This workout is for the dancer in you. If you love to groove, this is the move. On average, 15-20 minutes of Zumba session burns about 400 calories. It can be a heavy cardio session based on your performance. So, if you can dance with all your might for 55-60 minutes every day, you can achieve your goal at the end of six months. 
  • Sports: Participating in any form of physical sport is another way to lose your 50 pounds. Dedicating 1.5-2 hours every day to a sport of your choice will readily burn your excess fats and increase your stamina as well. It is a fun way to lose weight. You wouldn’t even know how fast the six months fly by. 
  • Gym: Join a gym. Leave the rest to your trainer. Tell them your goals and they will plan out a chart for you. People are all built differently so they may need to try a different approach with you. Follow it and in six months you will have lost 50 pounds.

Proper Diet

Diet is probably the main reason why most people fail to stick to a routine. Resist the temptations of your cravings, and you will have succeeded in achieving your goal. If you can hold on for just a couple of weeks without falling back to your old food habits, the weeks to come will be an easy task.

Vigorous exercise will mean nothing if you do not control your diet habits. No matter you many hours you put in, bad eating habits will completely reverse the effects of your hard work. 

Proper Diet

Avoiding junk foods should be your number one priority. Junk foods contain a lot of calories so, avoid those. Instead, eat more homemade foods with healthy ingredients.

This will help reduce your calorie intake, and with the extra calories you lose from your workouts, 50 pounds in six months is not an impossible feat. You can still have healthy food that tastes good. These days there are abundant healthy foods that are equally as good as junk foods.

Lifestyle changes you need to lose 50 pounds 

You need results, and you need them fast. So, you must make minute changes to your habits that collectively will help you. There are some ways you can help yourself achieve your goal faster and with patience and dedication, you certainly can. 

skip meal once

  • Sometimes, a meal can be skipped. 

Yes, you heard it right. Some days you require a lot of energy based on your output. But it is not always that you will wear yourself out. Therefore, on days such as, you can skip a meal. This will prevent you from overloading with calories.

  • A well-rested body lets you lose weight.

Sleep is a sweet pause to our tedious life and good sleep can help you lose weight. It resets your system and energizes you. It even has anti-aging properties. Sleep 7-8 hours a day, and let your body do the rest. 

Wake up and exercise.

  • Wake up and exercise.

A light exercise on an empty stomach can also add to your steps to losing 50 pounds. Before you load yourself with calories, work out a little. Working out on a full stomach may lead to puking. Also, your muscles react better to exercises if it is well rested, and not right after digestion.

  • Have patience.

Giving up midway comes naturally to almost everyone. If you are patient with the slow changes, you can overcome this and carry on with your journey. For the first few months, the changes are unnoticeable and you should not let this get in the way of achieving your goals. Eventually, with patience, it will all work out.

Simply put, working out regularly, avoiding junk foods, and bringing a slight change in your lifestyle will help you achieve your goal of losing 50 pounds within six months. Prepare yourself for a journey filled with obstacles and temptations that only your strength can overpower. Get control of your life and bring a little order to the chaos.

It’s simple if you take it as simple. Maintain a routine and stick with it. Follow it until you reach your goals. Trust that the struggle will be worth the fruit. It does sound like a herculean task to lose 50 pounds, but keep in mind that you have the power to change. And with determination and discipline, you can.

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