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How To Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks? A Complete Guide To Follow!



How To Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks

Nowadays it’s a very common sentiment that how to lose body weight. From eight to eighty, everyone wants to be slim and fit. If you look 20 years back, there was no intention in people like it. They used to intake proper foods without any adulteration.

Therefore the potentiality usually built up in them. Now people can’t get proper foods and allopathic medicine-based life also hampers their daily lifestyle.

Lose Your Weight Within Just 14 Days – Follow These Steps!

Things are getting worse and therefore problems occur. For instance- high blood pressure, High Cholesterol, high levels of triglycerides, and many more happen.

That is why people are looking for methods of losing their body weight quickly. Let’s discuss it- the ways to lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks, the advantages, the risks, and all.

Weight Loss Methods

Easiest ways to lose weight

Experts have researched how to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. They found some major points depending on which you can lose weight in an eye-blink. Let’s check it out.

  • Exercise in the morning

Some people have a misconception that burning calories at any time of the day help to lose weight. However, some experiments proved it wrong. Doctors always advise doing exercise in the morning time.

The reason behind it is that our stomach remains empty. The acids cut extra body fat by burning calories that you have already. Especially cardio exercises like pushups, sit-ups, plank, burpees, brisk walking, and skipping are the most helpful exercises. If you use to do it in the evening time must do it in the morning to get a better result.

  • Taking efficient water

Water intake in the right proportion is very important if you want rapid weight loss. Some so-called intelligent persons may suggest you take 3 or 4 liters of water per day. However, experts’ advice is different.

The proportion varies from person to person according to their body weight and height. You can check in Google and take 1 liter more than the said proportion. The process helps you to lose your body weight.

  • Adjust the right proportional diet

Some say that exercise can reduce only 40% of body weight and a proper diet can remain 60%. Therefore you have to know well the calorie counting plan very well. For instance, if you intake 1200 calories per day, you have to burn 300 calories.

Thus the deficiency happens and the remaining fat burns. Therefore, the weight loss is willy-nilly. However, it’s not always easy to lose 12 or 15-pound weight within 2 or 3 weeks. You have to strictly follow the diet plan and add more vegetables because it contains low calorie.

  • Eliminate Unnecessary and Unhealthy Carbohydrates

There are mainly three kind’s unhealthy carbs- i. simple carbohydrates, ii. Complex carbohydrates and iii. Dietary fibers. You have to avoid such. You have to also cut curbs slowly from your diet plan.

For instance, you need 400 gm. carbs per day. On the first day take 400gm, then 300gm, the next day 200gm, then 100gm, and finally after 5 days take 50gm or less than it. It can make your metabolism rate faster and help you to reduce body weight.

  • Intake of Fish Oil

As per a report, published in 2010, some scientists revealed interesting data about the benefits of taking fish oil. According to them, fish oil supplementation helps to reduce fat mass in the body. If your target is to reduce weight in 2 weeks, you have to take fish oil similar to your body fat. For instance, you need 15% fat; you need to take 15gm. Fish oil.

  • Drink Luke’s Warm Water

Some people may suggest you drink warm water the whole day. That does not work for losing body weight. Moreover, our stomach and liver may get damaged by it. Always try to drink Luke’s warm water, especially after a heavy meal. If you are in search of a rapid result in losing weight, you can intake it for a whole day but not much hot.

  • Intake Safe Supplements

It is not always easy to differentiate between harmful and safe supplements. There are so many companies selling their supplements in the market to lose body weight. They even assure you to lose weight within a week.

You need to be very careful and check the reviews of such products on Google and then only take it. Similarly, you need to check the expiry details very well. Some twisty sellers sell their products with fake labeling which you carefully should notice. 

  • Determined Thoughts

Lastly, you have to keep in mind that losing weight and losing fat are different. If you want to lose fat, you better consult with a dietician. The expert guides you to grow up metabolism rate to lose fat in the body.

Whereas losing body weight is easier than it. You can easily drop a few pounds of water weight in your body and lose weight in 2 or 3 weeks. Therefore you have to determine your thoughts that what you want to lose- fat or weight.

Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks

Advantages of losing weight rapidly

There are obviously some advantages to losing body weight in such a rapid manner. Most of it relates to our mentality and thoughts. The points are below.

  • Satisfaction of mind

The best advantage you get by losing body weight in 2 or 3 weeks is satisfaction. Nothing can be more satisfying than gaining a proper body structure. If you are in search of a well-shaped body, you can take this challenge to lose 15 pounds of body weight in 2 weeks.

  • Surprising People Around You

Almost every human being is curious about what others do in their life. Especially neighbors are such formidable creatures to pip into another’s life. If you lose weight in such a manner, you may become a piece of news in your society. People may also demand your advice that how you do it! After all who does not want demand in life?

  • Dress Up Whatever You Dreamt Of

Maybe you have to face a big problem while shopping before festivals. Your eye-catching dresses may not fit your very depressing body. What can be a better to lose weight in just one month and choose attractive dresses during the festive season?

  • Saving Unwanted Money

You need not spend money on swiggy of zomato or such food ordering sites. Moreover, when you maintain a strict diet plan, you can’t even dream of such junk foods. This will make your wallet full of more money than a pastime. However, the pizza delivery boy may offend you

  • Full of Energy

Some people think that if you maintain a strict diet plan, you may lose your energy as well as your body weight. That is wrong. When you get actual needs from proper foods, you can gain more energy. Moreover, if your mood swings quickly, you can get control over it. The headache problems may disappear similarly.

Risks of Losing Weight Quickly

There are also some certain risks of losing 15 pounds in 2 weeks. You should keep it in mind and start the journey. 

Harmful Intermittent Fasting

Most people think that intermittent fasting can help them lose body weight faster than a normal diet plan. Unfortunately it not always works for every person. The basic metabolism rate is different in every person’s body.

You should consult with a dietician or a physician before having intermittent fasting. Otherwise, you may have to face some serious health problems. That will trouble you more than obesity.

Over exercise

Every person has a different capability of work. If you give more stress than you can handle, your body may soon collapse. Do exercise with your limit. Don’t follow any other person’s daily schedule and stick to your bound.

Side Effects of Supplements

Most of the supplements contain chemical elements which can harm your body system. You may reach your target by losing weight but may not gain back your natural life. However there are some natural supplements available in the market, but there also are some doubts about which you should rally upon.

Muscle Cramps and Dizziness

As I told early, every person has their features of the body. Without consulting an expert, losing 15 pounds in 2 weeks may affect your muscle and lead you to dizziness. It also may cause a nutritional deficiency in your body. You can feel less energetic sometimes in a day.

Losing Metabolism Rate

Imagine you are dashing off a piece of iron continuously and rapidly. Therefore by a certain time the piece broke obviously. Similarly, it happens with our bodies.

If you think that you can lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks accurately, you may have some problems. It may slow down your metabolism rate. After all, we cannot obey instructions like robots.

May cause Gallstones

Similarly quickly losing weight may cause gallstones in your body. We often found women not taking any breakfast while doing intermediate fasting. Just imagine- you have taken your dinner at 9 p.m. and take your next meal after 16 to 17 hours. As a result, gallstones appear. It may be the biggest risk of losing weight in a hustle. 

Risks of Losing Weight Quickly

Conclusion on Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks

In conclusion, you can sum up the advantages and risks of Lose 15 Pounds In 2 Weeks. If there isn’t some serious issue, you need not lose your body weight in such a quick manner. It’s better to maintain a proper and healthy diet plan along with regular exercise. Above all we all know- slow but steady, wins the race.  

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