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How To Raise Internal Body Temperature? What You Must Do?



How To Raise Internal Body Temperature

Your body keeps you warm and cushy by putting out heat all the time and acts as an inbuilt furnace. But when the heat produced by your body is too little or too much your health starts getting affected and this fluctuation in your body heat is your body’s way of communicating with you that something is wrong.

The normal body temperature varies from individual to individual but it always lies in the range of 97F to 99F ideally in adults and between 97.9 to around 100.4 in children.

Your body temperature keeps fluctuating throughout depending on your age, sex, lifestyle, food patterns, and menstrual cycle. You are said to be experiencing hypothermia when there is a sudden drop in your body temperature.

When your body temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit you are said to be having a lower body temperature. Body temperature lowers due to various factors including age, fat loss, hormonal and metabolic changes, medications consumed, and so on. 

Tips To Boost Your Body Temperature

It is difficult to deduct a lower body temperature at the initial stages since the only symptom you will be experiencing is chilly and mild shivering.

Tips To Boost Your Body Temperature

But if the situation becomes severe and you are diagnosed with hypothermia your symptoms will worsen as you will constantly feel dizzy and drowsy, your skin will turn cold and pale, your mind will always remain in a state of confusion, and your body will lack any sort of coordination and become weak. You will constantly feel uncontrollable shivering in your body when your body temperature steeps low.

Hence, when you notice even a slight drop in your body temperature, it is advisable to look for measures that will boost your temperature. 

Below mentioned are a few techniques that can instantly boost your body temperature.

1. Physical activity 

Whenever you are performing a physical activity like walking or doing a mild workout or buying your body with a jumping jack, the blood flow in your body raises and this increased blood flow will keep you warmer. Engaging your core is essential to boost your blood flow. 

2. Hands in your armpits 

Although your hands and feet are constantly exposed, your armpits serve as a built-in heating center for your body, and placing your hands under your armpits for a minute or two will instantly raise your body temperature.

3. Fiber-rich food 

Foods rich in fiber take a longer duration to get digested and hence consuming these foods will raise your internal body temperature. Roasted veggies, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower are a few foods that are rich in fiber and can keep you warm as well as full.

4. Increased protein consumption 

As compared to carbs, protein takes a longer duration to digest and hence eating protein-rich foods like nuts, olives, and avocados may raise your internal body temperature instantly. 

5. Iron-rich foods 

When you are anemic your body temperature turns cold and hence boosting the consumption of iron content in your body by including broccoli, red meat, beans, and so on will warm your body temperature from within. 

6. Taking a warm bath 

If you are looking for an immediate solution to raise your internal body heat, you can do it by taking a warm bath. This hydro immersion therapy is used for ages to get an instant boost in body temperature.

In addition to warming your body, this hot bath will also stabilize your blood pressure and aid your sleep. In addition to warm baths, clothing yourself in warm attire will also do the job. 

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Apart from indulging yourself in healthy food patterns and warming yourself through physical measures, you can also alter your body temperature via mental activities. Some of these activities are :

1. Meditation 

You can raise your core body temperature by meditating. Meditation is a proven technique used by Tibetian Monks to raise body temperature. 

2. Visualization 

Similar to meditation, visualization also keeps you warm. When you visualize being in a warm place your core body temperature instantly rises.

3. Vase Breathing:

Vase Breathing is a form of forceful breathing and it is performed by drawing your breath in and holding it in place for a few seconds, during which your pelvic and abdominal muscles contract and your body takes the shape of a vase. By performing this vase breathing, you can raise your internal body temperature. 

The above-mentioned measures can raise your internal temperature rapidly but when your temperature drops below 95°F, your body goes into hypothermia and it is advisable to visit a medical expert immediately without proceeding with home remedies at this stage.

During this stage, your skin will look waxy and will form blisters everywhere. This stage of lower body temperature seeks immediate medical attention as it affects your physical as well as mental health simultaneously.

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