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Singer, dancer Regan Gascoigne comes out

Popular English footballer Paul Gascoigne may not know his son is bisexual, but he probably does now. 

In an interview for The MirrorRegan Gascoigne, 23, said he has dated both men and women. 

Former NFL star says gay players average one per team

Former New England Patriots footballer Ryan O’Callaghan is now a published author and in his new autobiography, he talks about coming out as an NFL star and suggests there are many other gay players in the sport; more than you might think. 

The gates of the Guinness Storehouse have been repainted for Pride

The gates of the Guinness Storehouse have been repainted for Pride.

For the first time in its history, the Guinness Storehouse has dropped their traditional black painted gates for the rainbow colors of Pride.

The change comes in support of the upcoming Union Cup, Europe’s largest queer inclusive rugby tournament which will take place in Dublin in June. The biennial tournament was first established in 2005.

Gus Kenworthy to appear in "American Horror Story"

Gus Kenworthy takes a role in "American Horror Story."

 It seems that Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy will be creating chills rather than freestyling on them this year. 

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy announced today that Kenworthy will appear in season 9 of the popular horror drama.