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It's back to school, and to some it's terrifying

Our youth programs have grown so much that this year we were able to hire our first Youth Programs Coordinator, YLA graduate, M Valladolid.

It’s back to school time around San Diego County!

While some are excited to return to their favorite teachers and friends, for far too many LGBTQ youth this can be a terrifying time of year.

Trump says if re-elected: "We will eradicate AIDS in America"

Some big assertions were made by President Trump at a rally in Cincinnati last Thursday. He told a cheering crowd that if he gets reelected he will end AIDS and childhood cancer.  

Matthew J. Dempsey's new LGBT therapy web series tackles issues à la carte

"Cost of Two Sandwiches" with Matthew J. Dempsey is a weekly series with no baloney.

Psychotherapist and YouTube personality Matthew J. Dempsey is literally getting people to bring their problems out into the open in a new webseries called "Cost of Two Sandwiches."

The idea came to him after he went on a picnic in what he thought was a date, but turned out to be more of an intellectual connection than a romantic one.

How to survive "gay ghosting"

Dating has always been stressful. In this day and age with contact only a finger tap away, when someone just completely stops interacting with you, it can make you feel rejected without reason.

This is called "ghosting" and it's a tactic that has nothing to do with the person being ignored and everything to do with the person doing the ignoring. 

Fletcher wants mental health facility in Hillcrest, not condos

Nathan Fletcher wants to help people with mental health issues by building new facility in Hillcrest.

District 4 Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said on Monday that he will implore his fellow board members to support converting some county-owned property on the outskirts of Hillcrest into behavioral health services buildings instead of proposed condominiums.