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Is Conan Gray Gay? All About The Singer’s Sexuality!



Conan Gray Gay

The California-born musician has become a string of controversies regarding his sexuality after multiple incidents in which he has been photographed with men, sparking speculation about his sexuality.

Conan Gray was widely labeled as gay by netizens for his flamboyant style of fashion, which was often compared to that of a woman. The rumors further spiked when he was featured in a photo kissing the London-based singer Matty Healy. The image quickly went viral and was seen by millions of people across the globe.

However, neither Matty nor Conon has given a statement regarding the incident, which further indicates that they could be having a romantic moment, according to the rumors. He is also being alleged as gay in his lyrics where he mentioned his love interest in his crush, while his crush had eyes for another girl.

Since the songwriter has not revealed his stance on sexuality, it is not relevant to claim his sexuality. However, there is no reason to assume that he is heterosexual or that he does not identify as bisexual. But for now, we can learn where his interest lies from his past relationships and encounters

Who Has He Dated?

Conan Gray has not publicized any relation so far on social media. He was rumored to be romantically linked with American actress and songwriter Olivia Rodrigo after the duo filmed ‌a music video together.

Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo

Fans also believe Conan’s song Astronomy, was linked to Olivia. Conan has refused to comment, but Olivia clarified that they only harbor a Platonic and professional relationship. This indicates that there were no romantic feelings between them.

The 24-year-old singer was also linked to dating ‌a girl named Ashley. It is rumored that they both knew each other since school and they had been dating ever since. They were described as being very close and having a strong bond. Talking to an interview, he revealed that they were only best friends.

The most controversial rumors sparked when he posted a series of pictures with Matty Healy. They can be seen passionately kissing and cuddling in the pictures.

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The rumors were flourishing in the headlines in multiple tabloids during late 2019, with some of the more outrageous claims involving his sexuality.

Unlike other dating rumors, the American rumors refused to comment regarding his photo bombing with Matt Healy. This further sparked speculation that he is not stating any comments because he is not 100% straight.

Did He Reveal His Sexuality?

Up until this date, Conor has been very tight-lipped about his sexuality, as he is very concerned about how his personal life will be perceived. Despite his immense fame and success, he always maintained a very low profile and kept a very tight circle of friends and associates due to multiple contradictory theories about him.

Conan Gray

Amid rising speculations in 2018, Conan Gray slammed the gay rumors on Twitter out of rage. He wrote “You all are so annoying all you’ll ever wanna do is place a label on me, just let me f**king exist what the f**k.”

He added that “Here’s the f**king deal. If labels on sexuality and gender and beliefs and all the great stuff are helpful for u, I’m all for it. U do u. But the second u start trying to shove everyone else into a neat little easy-to-understand box, I get mad. Stop! Please! f**king stop!

These tweets reveal that the then 20-year-old seems to be frustrated and furious over the rumors speculating about his sexuality. It appears that the 24-year-old songwriter had enough of those rumors. But even so, he has not disclosed his stance on sexuality.

As long as Conon refuses to comment on his sexuality, these rumors will roam here and there on the internet. Neither could we clarify his sexuality unless he reveals it.

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